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Enath Mohdmed Mabrouk Abokdom Abokdom

Organisation Description: 

Community development economically and environmentally socially Provide assistance and services to the categories of outstanding, social care for family and child care and maternity
,special care for the categories,Set up computer centers

Good Practice: 

Training sessions for groups of young girls laboratory to know the role of women in the dialogue
The work of connecting to all the ladies successful business owners in the community and invite them to explain what they can do with their ideas and their participation in local

Project Idea: 

Training for women, especially young women human development, technology and processing figures on the high levels of understanding and intellectual advancement

Training young people to learn and discover their identities and their ideas and create a spirit of creativity among them
This is what we're missing in the south of the Mediterranean region to Iqapelln of political, intellectual and economic difficulties