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Winners of the 2010 Edition

Press Category

Sarfraz ManzoorSarfraz Manzoor
United Kingdom
Staff writer at The Guardian
Winning article: "My Month of being Jew” – The Guardian – 8 April 2010

About Sarfraz Manzoor

Sarfraz has worked as a journalist for 15 years and it all began by ringing his local television station at the age of 23 and asking if he could get some work experience. He later spent 7 years as a television news journalist before starting to work in print journalism.

As a British Muslim, issues of religion and social harmony are of great personal as well as professional interest for Sarfraz. He recently published a memoir Greetings from Bury Park which was about his experiences growing up Muslim and in the book as in his life, he have been interested in what people from different faiths have in common. In his experience there is so much that people from different religions have in common but this can get lost amidst, and that was what he was trying to convey in his winning article “My Month of being Jew”. The idea was inspired by a recent film 'The Infidel' which was about a Muslim taxi driver who finds out he is in fact Jewish. The film was fictional but Sarfraz wanted to know what the reality would be like for him as a Muslim spending a whole month living a Jewish life.

Read the winning article: “My Month of being Jew”

Learn more about Sarfraz and his works: www.sarfrazmanzoor.co.uk

Online Media Category

Dalia ZiadaDalia Ziada
Blogger and Staff writer at Bikya Masr
Winning article: "Unveiling the mind of young Muslim women” – Bikyamasr.com – 7 November 2009

About Dalia Ziada

Dalia is an online journalist (blogger) who has worked as a journalist at the foreign desk of Al-Ahram Newspaper for a couple of years after her graduation. Then in 2004, she changed her career and worked with civil society but continued writing opinion editorials for various local and international newspapers on foreign affairs issues. In 2006, she started her own blog and since then she’s posting her articles on blogs and news websites.

Dalia’s winning article is about the recent crisis on Niqab in Egypt and the role of Al-Azhar versus more radical and Salafi groups in heating it up. She tried to discuss why Al-Azhar lost its credibility as the one and only reference for Muslims all over the world. Most of Dalia’s writings are primarily concerned with women's rights in general and women's rights in the Muslim world in particular.

Read the winning article: “Unveiling the mind of young Muslim women”

Learn more about Dalia and her works: http://daliaziada.blogspot.com

Audio-Visual Category

Aly Al-GohineAly Al-Gohine
Documentary Film Director at Nile Television Network
Winning work: “TheRoad to the Unknown” – Nile Television Network – 2010

About Aly Al-Gohine

Aly’stalent in writing emerged early in his life and this is whu he decided to study journalism, and mass communications at Cairo University. Since 1999, he has been working as a Documentary Film Director for the Egyptian Television. Moreover, Aly also write poetry, novels and scripts. He has also some sarcastic articles published in Egyptian and Arab newspapers.

His winning work is a documentary titled "The Road to the Unknown" which deals with illegal immigration in Egypt. The documentary is dedicated to this issue in particular because it is one of the most dangerous issues that youth in North African countries are confronting in the present. This issue leads to many accidents which victims are usually young Egyptian men in search for a better life out of Egypt. The documentary is trying to trace this phenomenon and conveys a message that illegal immigration will never be the right way to face poverty and unemployment. It is rather a dangerous risk in all ways. The documentary also urges the developing countries to find urgent solutions for this problem which is affecting a major part of its young population.

Pierre MariPierre Mari
Radio Producer at Kantara
Winning work: “L’émigration au féminin” – Radio Kantara – 2010

About Pierre Mari

I started my career at Radio France Bleu Frequenza Mora as a producer in 1984. In 1991 I became a journalist at the same radio after following training at the Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes in Paris. As host-producer and as a journalist I was mainly interested in social phenomena, including migration and its social and political repercussions on the society.

My winning radio production "L’émigration au féminin” was addressed in our program Kantara, after we realized that women play a crucial role in migration, which consists in their fundamental role in managing their family, their sensitivity to the culture of the hosting country, in addition to their situation as victims of the tragedies of emigration.

Cultural Heritage Category

Izhar BeerIzhar Beer
Freelance Journalist
Winning article: “The City and the Dogs: A Psychedelic Tour through Jerusalem's More Peculiar Districts”– The Huffington Post – 30 July 2009

About Izhar Beer

Since his early childhood, Izhar was fascinated by journalism. His first opportunity came with the Jerusalem newspaper Kol Ha’ir in the mid 1980’s. He wrote mainly about legal and criminal affairs. In 1987, he was assigned to be the paper’s reporter in the occupied territories. Within two weeks, the first Intifada broke out, which provided unlimited journalism material. He was one of the only journalists covering the Intifada in those days and in 1989 he took up a similar position with Ha’aretz. In 1991, he left Ha’aretz and was hired as director of B’tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

For people who don’t live there Jerusalem is an image – it’s a stereotype of a city.  When Izhar was asked to write a piece about Jerusalem for The Huffington Post, he looked for a subject that could link the reality of the city in which he lives with the alien images of it.  One day he drove alongside the Old City walls toward the Arab neighborhood Silwan (the ancient City of David). Along the road there were giant murals that presented especially annoying stereotypes of the city in which he lives. Right away he decided that would be the topic of his piece.

Read the winning article: “The City and the Dogs: A Psychedelic Tour through Jerusalem's More Peculiar Districts”