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Non-Governmental Organisations Information and Support Centre

National Network: 
Odminiu str. 12, 01122
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Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Founder: Open Society Fund Lithuania.
1. Ricardas Dirzys, NGO expert, r.dirzys@takas.lt (Chairman of the board);
2. Girvydas Duoblys, Director of Center for Civil Initiative, girvydas@pic.lt
3. Dr. Andrius Navickas, Editor of internet daily www.bernardinai.lt, andrius@bernardinai.lt
4. Dr. Kristina Ona Polukordiene, Head of Youth Psychological Support Center, kristina.ona@takas.lt
5. Dr. Audrone Zubaviciene, Co-founder of Economic Research Centre, audrone@erc.lt
Annual budget of the organisation: 150.000,00 EUR
Sources of funding: European Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGO fund under the EEA/Norvegian Financial mechanisms, private funds and donations.

Mission and Objectives: 

MISSION – to unite the non-governmental organizations of the country for the sake of the own interests’ representation and strengthening of the NGO sector at all levels.
Strengthening of the NGO sector (organizations) – information dissemination, consultations, trainings, methodical tools, databases, various conferences, and forums
Establishment and strengthening of the NGO coalitions – establishment of NGO coalitions in various fields of public administration, development of the NGO Centers’ Network, establishment of the organization uniting national NGOs, creation of the coalitions’ accountability system
NGO and Governmental co-operation strengthening – monitoring of the legal acts connected with the NGO activities, bills’ preparation and submission to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government, improvement of the 2% income tax donation mechanism, improvement of the Ngo funding system at the national and local authorities’ level, establishment of the NGO representation mechanism
Improvement of the NGOs’ environment – to increase the NGO visibility in the society, develop the NGO bulletin “The Third Sector”, disseminate information about the Lithuanian NGO sector in national and international publications, administrate and update NISC’s web-sites, develop the positive image of the NGO sector
Development of voluntary work and traditions – to strengthen the public institution “Volunteer Centre” established by NISC, develop the law regulating the voluntary work and initiation of its validation, develop the conditions ensuring the system of voluntary work compensations, raise public awareness about the voluntary work

Main Projects / Activities: 

• Administration of the EU PHARE Civil Society Development and EU PHARE ACCESS programmes;
• Technical support to the European Union Programmes, providing financial support to the non-governmental organizations;
• Annual organization of Lithuanian non-governmental organizations forum since 1996;
• Publishing of the informational bulletin “The Third sector” since 1995, which was replaced by the informational portal in 2007;
• Creation and administration of the public database of non-governmental organizations;
• Publications – “Writing Winning Grant Proposals. Step by Step”; “Foreign Support to the Lithuanian NGOs”; “Practical Guide for Lithuanian Non-Governmental Organizations”; “a Handbook of NGO Governance”; “Non-Profit Organizations: Nature and Regulation”, etc.
• Implementation of tens of researches regarding the Lithuanian non-profit sector;
• Coordination of the Lithuanian NGO Coalition's activities;
• Establishment of the Lithuanian NGOs coalition for philanthropy. This resulted in the opportunity for the citizens to donate 2% of income tax to the non-profit organizations;
• Initiative to establish the National anti Poverty Network and the Platform of Non-Governmental Development Organizations in Lithuania.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Martinas Zaltauskas
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Olia Zuravliova