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Association on Refugees and Migrants

National Network: 
6 "Ljulin Planina" 6, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria
+ 359 2 952 01 63
Mobile Phone: 
+ 359 896 390 572
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Structure: Board, President, Staff: two part-time employed persons: Executive Director & Accountant; Relevant partners & volunteers, depending on the project
2. Budget: 2009: 12,000 GBP; 2010: 3,500 GBP
3. Sources & Funding: Donor Organizations, Foundations, International Organizations
4 Modalities of action: concrete research projects, exchanges, seminars, national & international conferences
5. BHC; UNHCR; Open Society; ECRE; Bet Debora Network; ISSRPL; Pancho Vladigerov Museum & Foundation; Organization of Bulgarian Jews 'Shalom'; IPhR-BAS;

Mission and Objectives: 

The Association on Refugees and Migrants–Bulgaria (ARM-BG), is a registered Charity, partnering over the years many organizations, and was established in the year of 2000 as a social innovation and inter-cultural forum, research institute and legal instrument for exploring, communicating and protecting the rights and life space of Bulgarian and EU old (ethnic minorities)and new minorities (refugees & migrants).

Main Projects / Activities: 

ARM-BG activities: 1. Advocacy & Legal Protection: 2000 & 2002 Open Society and UNHCR sponsored Projects for pro-bono legal protection of refugees & migrants; 2002: Participation in drafting the Asylum & Migration Law of Bulgaria; 2. Publications: 2000- 2002 monthly magazine: “The Refugees Today & Tomorrow”; Articles: "Anpassung an die Asyl-und Einwanderungspolitic der EU", Asyl in Osteuropa: Vor der Festung Europa (Gegen Ost-West Informationen N: 4/2000,Vienna, Dez.2000; “The Adaptation of Bulgaria to the EU Asylum and Immigration Policies”, published in “Asylum in the Countries of the Shengen Periphery, Ljubljana, 2001”; “Challenges and Implications of European ‘Replacement Migration’ Policy”, Berlin, 2007, Irmgard Coninx Stiftung; Book: “The Asylum Door and Migration Window-Subsidiary forms of Protection", Sofia 2002, ISBN: 954 9738-08-6; 3. Conferences: Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2000: “National Round Table on Migration”; Sofia, Bulgaria, June 2000: Organizer of ECRE/ICVA International Conference on “Refugee Issues in South-Eastern Europe; 2009 International Conference on: "Migration, Communication & Home; Jewish Tradition, Change and Gender in a Global Context.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Dr. Tania Reytan-Marincheshka
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Gergana Ermenkova