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Galilee Foundation for Value Education

National Network: 
Moshav Shorashim
20164 D. N. Misgav
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

We are a registered non-profit foundation in Israel, governed by a board of 7 community leaders living the Galilee, and employing a staff of about 10 full and part time educators and one administrator. We have about 20 volunteers active in our various projects.

Our annual budget is about $350,000, of which a third comes from program fees, and two thirds from foundations, communities, and individuals.

All of our work is through concrete projects: We operate cultural programming for our region - lectures, festivals, film series, courses, etc. In addition we operate an encounter program for Jewish and Arab youth, a Jewish-Arab youth circus, and a Hebrew/Arabic internet newspaper.

In Jewish cultural programming we work with the Jewish Agency, the ORT network, and the Hebrew University. In Jewish Arab programming we work independently.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission: To bring about social change toward the goal of an open, just, and humane society in Israel - by means of direct educational encounter of the learner with persons, places, and texts - working with the entire spectrum of Israeli society.

  • Fostering of mutual understanding and cooperation between different ideological and religious streams in Judaism
  • Fostering of mutual understanding and cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the Galilee
  • Deepening and strengthening the links between Israel and the Diaspora
  • Education for the application of humane, Jewish values in Israeli society
  • Deepening the connection to the Jewish heritage in the Galilee
Main Projects / Activities: 
  • Arab-Jewish youth circus
  • Hebrew/Arabic internet newspaper
  • Youth leadership training program in Arab communities
  • Jewish-Arab youth encounter seminars
  • Pluralistic Jewish culture center: films, lectures, courses, festivals, holiday events
  • Curriculum development and teacher training projects
  • Value-education tourism programs in Galilee sites
Head of the organisation: 
Dr. Marc J. Rosenstein