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National Network: 
Vlaska 91
Zagreb 10000
+385 1 4573 445
+385 1 4573 457
E-Mail (2): 
Mobile Phone: 
+385 98 429 208
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Number of General Assembly membets: 16
Governing Board: Vatroslav Zovko, Davor Gjenero, Nebojsa Gavrilov, Predrag Bejakovic, Srdjan Dvornik
Staff: 4
Associates: 12
Average budget over last three years: 120.000EUR
Sources of funding: EC, Croatian government and many other. For the complete list, please visit www.zamirnet.hr section Donors.
Modalities of action: concrete projects and programs.
Main partners: For the comprehensive list, please visit www.zamirnet.hr section Partners.

Mission and Objectives: 

ZaMirNET is a citizen association (non-profit organization) dedicated towards developing civil society, promoting a culture of peace and the idea of sustainable development in Croatia and the region.
Programme areas:
- strategic use of ICT,
- non formal education,
- networking,
- policy advocacy,
- providing support to independent media initiatives.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Strategic use of ICT:
- E-learning
- E-portfolio
- ICT for employment
- eInclusion
- eGovernance
Non-formal education:
- introduction to the information society
- digital media
- human rights, women’s rights etc. in collaboration with other civil society organizations
- technology planning in collaboration with other civil society organizations and IT SMEs
- distribution of information relevant for civil society
- logistics for civic campaigns
- mailing lists, hosting, and web site design for civil society
Policy advocacy:
- National ICT Policy Monitor/ Information Society Watch
- studies, research
Support to independent media:
- online newsletter for civil society and urban culture www.zamirzine.net
- network of independent online media
- collaboration with MIR – Network of Internet Radio Stations
- training of young journalists

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Danijela Babic, Executive Director
Head of the organisation: 
Vatroslav Zovko, President
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Srdjan Dvornik, Board member