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The Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations (AFALC) was appointed by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008 and the appointment has been renewed on February 2010.

The main goal of AFALC is to highlight the Albanian heritage, the harmonious co-habitation among various religious communities, the identification and presentation to the public of problems, in the global context of relations between the world of Islam and the Western world AFALC acts in accordance with the main principles of the Alliance of Civilisation of United Nations.

Immigration, Youth, Education and Media are four main priority fields of the activity.

The target of AFALC activity is opinion and policy – making through the following elements:

  • Devising adequate scenarios and drafting policies over inter-religious and inter/cultural dialogue
  • Building up/joining/formalising groups of interest, at home and abroad, aimed at respecting the human rights and fundamental fredoms, on cross-religious, cross-cultural and inter-ethnic leve, in support of secularity as well.
  • Exposing the stereotypes and contradictions in debates between the world of Islam and the Western world.
  • Creating the frames for a successful alternative co-habitation, politically desirable and practically achieveable, based on the Albanian model.
  • Bringing together high state leaders, experts, civil society from Albania and various foreign countries, in order to build up strategies and implementation plans to overcome the prejudices and to exchange perceptions, wherever they prove to be wrong.
  • Encouraging the promotion of a new generation of politicians with a cultural background, communication skills and solid international bonds, who would work on a well – informed, fair and peaceful society.
  • Establishment of partnerships with other similar organizations on regional and world scale, as well as with prestigious educational institutions, in terms of drafting educational programs for the youth, which should serve as catalysts for social change.
  • Facilitation/mediation in the “ Euroislamic” dialogue on the region and Europe.
  • Re-approachment of various representatives of religious communities, on the basis of the Albanian model.

The Foundation provides logistical and operational support to the National Network in Albania through the Network Coordination Support (NCS).

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