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The Centre International de Coopération Sud Nord (CICSN) has been elected by members as Head of Network on 10/8/2011.

CICSN (International North South Co-operation Center) is a non profit association of Maroccan law, co-founded by citizens of Morocco with different capacities in private and social management, decentralized co-operation, consulting, adults forming and in pedagogy, in partnership with european entities, active in the international co-operation field.

CICSN assures consulting, study, research activities, documentation, forming and realization of developing project of public utility. It follows decentralized euro-mediterranenan co-operation and it promotes values such as dialogue, sharing and international solidariety in a partecipation spirit.

CICSN volounteers as a mediator in technical, technological and cultural exchange projects.

CICSN promotes different co-operation agreements between local entities: local powers, corporations, civil society and citizenship, according to decentralized co-operation principles.

CICSN promotes and supports voluntary service initiatives to realize co-operation programmes which aim to develop and reinforce social, environmental, economic, health and educational structures in the mediterranean basin regions.

The Foundation provides logistical and operational support to the National Network in Morocco through the Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS). Under the Resources column on the right, you can find important documents for the Network, such as: the recently concluded NSDS Step 4, Network Internal Rules, Members List and Member Survey Results 2010. Most of the organizations of the National Network of Morocco work in the areas of youth, education, human rights, migration, democracy and gender issues.

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