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Young Lebanese leaders debate educational and environmental policies

Tue, 10/05/2016 - 17:18 -- Haitham Samy

The debate teams of Jamil Alrawas Public High School, Municipal Public Library of Geitawi and Achrafiye Public High School won in the final debate competition organised by Assabil on the 7th of May 2016 in Mono Theatre (Beirut). 60 principals, parents and friends attended the event to encourage the 27 school students participating in the competetion.

The competition introduced three public debates tackling educational and environmental themes: “School uniforms” where students from Jamil Alrawas Public High School won defending their opinion against the opposition team from Achrafiye Public High School. “Limiting the number of cars within the family” where the opposition team from the Municipal Public Library of Geitawi won against the team from Jamil Alrawas Public High school. And “Limiting the water consumption within the family” where the team from Achrafiye Public High School won against the opposition team from Jamil Mahmasani Public High School.

The event started with a speech by Assabil’s founding member Mr. Antoine Boulad highlighting the importance of teaching young students the art of debate. It was obvious that such events are important to develop the skills of young people in the region. Ward Alsham, participant from Municipal Public Library in Geitawi, said “I participated because debate benefits me and fills my time. I always participate in the activities organized by the Library in Geitawi” and Ali Alzoobi, debate trainer, underlined that society needs, now more than ever, strong debaters, he said “Debate educates youth on tolerance and understanding. Also teaches them that any point of view is weak, unless they could build strong arguments”.

Taking place as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s grant scheme “Young Mediterranean Voices”, the public debate competition was organised in the framework of the Assabil's “Beirut Debate Clubs' Collaboration 2016”. The project started in April 2016 when, Assabil association and debate trainers organised a series of training sessions in schools and libraries, where they introduced to students the principles of debate; how to research the topic and build arguments.

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