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Publications Archive

Author/Publisher: Noah Efron / Hareetz

Noah Efron bought the 'Walk on the Wild Side' 45 with his bar mitzvah money. Decades later, he pays tribute to the Jew who broke all the rules.

Author/Publisher: Bradley Burston / Hareetz

Uri Avnery has lived a life as forward-thinking peace activist. At age 90, he may still be ahead of his time, and also right, both about Israel's future and the present.

Author/Publisher: Rawan Risheq / Kalimat Magazine

Whilst taking part in a training on “How to Teach Human Rights to Children through Storytelling, Theatre and Puppetry” in August 2012, I met a fascinating gentleman from Egypt. Osama Helmy (a.k.a.

Author/Publisher: JOHN F. KERRY / Foreign Policy

Just days ago in London, I listened with sadness and shock as Ahmad Jarba and leaders of the moderate Syrian opposition described how ordinary Syrians with no links to the civil war are forced to e

Author/Publisher: Sebastien Vannier

Six years after Romania and Bulgaria joined, Croatia becomes the next and 28th member state of the European Union.