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Publications Archive

Author/Publisher: Paul Katzenberger © Süddeutsche Zeitung/Qantara.de 2013 Editor: Lewis Gropp/Qantara.de

The film "The Source" tells the story of women living in a North African village who enter into a "love strike" because they are fed up with doing all the work.

Author/Publisher: Stefan Weidner © Goethe Institute 2013 Translated by Charlotte Collins Qantara.de editor: Lewis Gropp

Why does classical Oriental poetry still sound so ornate to western ears? Blame the translations.

Egyptian women mark International Women’s Day in 2013 by taking to the streets. Credit: AFP
Author/Publisher: By Farida Ezzat, Contributor, EgyptianStreets.com (editing by Mohamed Khairat)

Since its start in the socialist movement, International Women’s Day has been a day where female activists all over the world come together under the certainty that women’s equality is not only a s

Author/Publisher: Aziz al-Azmeh & Effie Fokas / Cambridge Univesrity Press

Events over recent years have increased the global interest in Islam.

Author/Publisher: Thomas Banchoff / Oxford University Press

This book examines the new religious pluralism and the challenges it poses for democratic societies on both sides of the Atlantic. What are the contours of this new religious pluralism?