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New Anna Lindh Report Launched
European citizens and those in countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean have a growing appetite for mutual knowledge, but face the reality of an alarming rise of xenophobic and sectarian trends impacting on social cohesion across the region.

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President Guigou @elisabethguigou & Director Atallah are meeting in Brussels today, ahead of tomorrow's UfM Senior Officials Meeting
13 hours 29 min ago
"Malta is a symbol both in terms of geography &cultural heritage of the Mediterranean dialogue that the ALF must strive for" ED Atallah.
13 hours 35 min ago
@AnnaLindh offers a beacon of light from Alexandria in the face of unprecedented violence & regression in the region" Dr George Vella.
13 hours 38 min ago
"The @AnnaLindh &MEDAC must work together to reclaim the spirit of Barcelona Process" Former EU Commissioner & Chairman of MEDAC, Dr Jo Borg
13 hours 41 min ago
"Italy can play an important role in ensuring visibility is a strategic priority for @AnnaLindh's next chapter" Executive Director Atallah.
13 hours 45 min ago
This must be the basis for a new partnership between the @AnnaLindh and Media” Director Attallah speaking at @COPEAMtweet media conference.
13 hours 51 min ago
We can't ensure the credibility for our dialogue mandate without ensuring visibility" Director Attallah speaking at COPEAM media conference.
13 hours 55 min ago
@wojtekidd could you send a screenshot to grants.support@annalindh.org? We don’t see the text you refer to?
1 week 6 days ago
RT @elisabethguigou: Solidarité avec le peuple égyptien après l horrible assassinat par Daech de 21travailleurs coptes en Lybie.Mes condol…
1 month 1 week ago
Anna Lindh Foundation And ETF @etfeuropa Signed Cooperation Agreement http://t.co/d9loICnFsK
3 months 3 weeks ago

Key Findings and Resources

A growing appetite to know more about the Mediterranean other, positive perception of the region, a drop of the importance of religous values and...
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