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New Anna Lindh Report Launched
European citizens and those in countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean have a growing appetite for mutual knowledge, but face the reality of an alarming rise of xenophobic and sectarian trends impacting on social cohesion across the region.

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ALF's regional training for trainers on Intercultural Citizenship Education kicks off today in #Malta. #RethinkingLearning @MFAMALTA
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HR/VP Mogherini listens to and dialogues with #YoungMedVoices in Brussels @eu_eeas @Youth_Forum https://t.co/iMGhaRS5Vc
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HR/VP Mogherini launches pioneering 'Young Med Voices Plus' to “open all channels” to youth agency #YoungMedVoices https://t.co/D7X0cDAQxZ
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Amb. Hatem Atallah to @FedericaMog : energy, creativity of #YoungMedVoices is inspiring us to work together @eu_eeas https://t.co/SnQYUxP8Ze
4 days 13 hours ago
I encourage you to spead ideas locally, reach out to your generation & follow up. I will support you @FedericaMog to #YoungMedVoices
4 days 13 hours ago

Key Findings and Resources

A growing appetite to know more about the Mediterranean other, positive perception of the region, a drop of the importance of religous values and...
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