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The Anna Lindh Report 2010

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The Anna Lindh Report is divided in four main parts: ‘Inside the Opinion Poll’ (including quantitative analysis by Gallup); ‘Expert Analysis and Good Practices’ (including articles by experts); ‘Media Thematic Focus’ (including national case-studies by media experts) and ‘Conclusions’ (including proposals for action).

Main Themes

With analysis and proposals for the intercultural dialogue agenda and guidelines for intercultural action at the local and international level from 41 intercultural experts in over 40 countries of the Region, the Report addresses key issues in the public debate including 'Islam, the West and Modernity', 'The Demographic Factor of Cultural Relations', 'Media and Intercultural Perceptions', 'Values in Raising Children in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean', 'New Ways of Understanding Human Mobility', 'Translation as a Tool for Dialogue' and 'The religious factor in intercultural relations'. The thematic focus of this first edition of the Report is the role of Media in promoting cultural diversity.