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Anna Lindh Journalist Award 2009

Press Category

Ethar El-KatatneyEthar El-Katatney
Country: Egypt
Age: 22
Position: Staff writer at Egypt Today
Winning article: "Identity Crisis" - Egypt Today - May 2008

About Ethar El-Katatney
Since her very early age, Ethar was fascinated by writing. At the age of 9, she wrote her first book, “The Magic Door,” complete with pictures and contents page. Although she studied business administration, Ethar stumbled into journalism at the age of 18. She was contributing to the American University of Cairo’s Magazine “Dimensions” and later became its editor-in-chief. Once graduated she started working for the monthly English Magazine, Egypt Today. She also worked as a researcher for the TV program of Moez Massoud (a renowned Islamic preacher) entitled Al-Taree' Al-Sah (The right way).

Read the winning article “Identity Crisis”

Radio Category

Chine LabbéChine Labbé
Country : France
Age : 23
Position : Freelance journalist
Winning reportage: “Practicing and producing law in the Palestinian territories: An ongoing battle” – Radio France Culture – 12 June 2009

About Chine Labbé
Chine Labbé started journalism, as a 10-year-old editor of her elementary school newspaper. In June 2009, she finished her graduate journalism studies at Sciences Po, in Paris, and she just started a dual degree program with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, in New York. At Sciences Po, she majored in radio and print. Throughout her studies, she interned at several media newsrooms in France, the US and Chile. This radio report “Practicing and producing rights in the Palestinian territories: A continuous combat” was actually her first freelance job.

Listen to the winning reportage “Practicing and producing law in the Palestinian territories”

TV Category

Ennio RemondinoEnnio Remondino
Country: Italy
Position: Senior correspondent of Rai TV
Winning reportage: "The people of the Ark" - Mediterraneo Program (Rai TV)

About Ennio Remondino
Ennio Remondino has had a very long career in the field of journalism. First of all for the written press, and then for more than thirty years for the Rai TV. He spent more than half of his profession life as an investigative journalist, then became a war reporter "through exile". A foreign correspondent for fifteen years he was in charge of the Rai offices in Belgrade ; add to that a year in charge in Jerusalem in also Cairo, two years in Berlin. For the last three years, based in Istanbul, he has been watching over the territories he likes to define as the former Ottoman Empire, including his cherished Balkans. After being the Rai’s narrator during NATO’s three months bombing of Yugoslavia, and spending so much time in the line of fire, he now controls the rear guard.

Watch the winning reportage “The People of the Ark”

TV Category

Martin TraxlMartin Traxl
Country: Austria
Age: 45
Poisition: Head of the Österreichischer Rundfunk ORF cultural departement
Winning reportage: "Istanbul: Truth, fear and Hope" - ORF

About Martin Traxl
Martin Traxl studied journalism and theatre arts, and has been working for the ORF since 1985. He gathered his first experiences as a journalist in the Aktueller Dienst program of the Carinthian ORF studio. As of 1987, Traxl became a permanent member of the radio arts section in Vienna, where he contributed to programmes such as "Morgenjournal", "Mittagsjournal", "Kultur aktuell", and "Ö1 danach". Traxl made a name for himself in Germany as a correspondent for SFB, NDR, BR, and RIAS Berlin. From March 1995 until 1997, Traxl was the arts presenter of the "ZiB 1" daily news program, and prepared TV reports for the weekly programs "Treffpunkt Kultur" and "Am Schauplatz". In January 1999, he was appointed director of culture information and culture magazines in the main arts department of the television section. Traxl is head of ORF–Culture Department since January 2007.

Watch the winning reportage "Istanbul: Truth, Fear and Hope"

Conflict Reporting Category

Alberto ArceAlberto Arce
Country: Spain
Age: 33
Position: Freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker
Winning article: "Gaza Under Fire"- El Mundo - January 2009

About Alberto Arce
Alberto Arce studied Political Science in Santiago de Compostela (1999) and a Masters in International Relations In FLACSO-Buenos Aires. (2003). In 2004 he produced his first documentary entitled: "Nablus, la ciudad fantasma" which won the "TV3 New directors award" at Barcelona International Documentary Film Festival Docupolis, the "Santiago Álvarez best film and best director" of the Human Rights award at Cádiz International Film Festival. Few years later, he produced "The ghetto in Qalquilia" and, in 2007, "Al Mesalla, peace activists in Irak" for Tv3-Televisió de Catalunya. He received the "Joan Gomis journalism award" for a series of reportages from Irak in 2007. After Gaza war in January 2009, he produced a TV documentary film entitled "Erased-Wiped off the map" broadcasted in June on the Spanish Channel TVE. On the 6th of November 2009, his two hour cinema version "To shoot an elephant" had its premiere in Firenze Documentary Film Festival.

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Conflict Reporting Category

Lisa GoldmanLisa Goldman
Country: Israel
Age: 42
Position: Freelance journalist
Winning article: "Gaza from a distance: What Israelis wanted to know about the war" - Columbia Journalism Review - May/June 2009

About Lisa Goldman
Lisa Goldman considers her career in journalism as a true child of Web 2.0. It was launched via her personal blog, which she began in 2004, during the Second Intifada, as a means of expressing her feelings during that terrible time. She was also working as an editor at Haaretz newspaper. A journalist from an Italian newspaper discovered her blog, contacted her and hired her as his assistant. According to Lisa, that experience became a sort of crash course in journalism skills – especially when she covered the 2005 disengagement from Gaza and then the Second Lebanon War. During the Second Lebanon War she coined the term ‘the most blogged war,” which gained her some celebrity. She wrote extensively about the uncensored wartime conversation between Israeli and Lebanese bloggers, describing it as an historical precedent. This led to several writing commissions, which was the real beginning of her career as a journalist.

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