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10th Anniversary of the Anna Lindh Foundation: Call for Stories and Audiovisual Archives

The Anna Lindh Foundation is coming of age in 2014, celebrating its 10th anniversary since the member States of the Euro-Med Partnership took the decision to create its first common institution.  It was given a unique mandate: to promote intercultural dialogue across and within the societies of the Mediterranean region. The work of the Foundation was inspired by the results of the High-Level Advisory Group created in 2003 ('Groupe des Sages') in the aftermath of September 11, the ‘War on Terror’, and broader context of economic globalisation and immigration.

During the last decade it has marked the lives of many thousands of citizens across the Mediterranean. The Foundation has a history and it is the moment to capture this story. Share your memories, your stories, your photographs, your videos.  In short, we need to establish a dynamic archive of everything that pertains to the Foundation over 10 years.

Please email your first ideas to:  or message us at: