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About the Award

The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures (ALF) and Fondazione Mediterraneo (FM), are launching the 11th Edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Award for Dialogue Between Cultures. This annual Award, which is bestowed by the 42 ALF National Networks, recognises the achievements of individuals and organisations that have been at the forefront of promoting Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Candidates for the Award can be proposed either as an individual or as an organisation, and must bear the nationality of/ be registered in one of the 42 member countries of the Euro-Med Partnership. As youth,  women and minorities are the key target groups of the Foundation’s work, special attention will be given to candidates who have actively worked or implemented projects with these groups.

The selection of the winner of the Euro-Med Award is a participatory process which involves the Heads of the Networks, Network members and non-members. The shortlist of the three (3) finalists for the Award is carried out by the Jury, while the final selection of the winner of the award is carried out by the EuroMed Award Committee.

For the eleventh edition, the selection process will be as follows:

• National Network Members and non-members from 42 countries nominate candidates for the Award according to the nomination criteria;

• Based on the nomination proposals submitted, a preliminary screening of applications shall be done by the ALF Secretariat, in order to exclude irrelevant nominations/incomplete applications;

• The Jury shall prepare a short list of three (3) candidates to be submitted to the attention of the EuroMed Award Committee;

• The EuroMed Award Committee shall announce the results of the election;

• The winner shall receive a financial contribution of 5,000 EUR in recognition of their work for Intercultural Dialogue in the EuroMed region and a trophy, to be delivered by the EuroMed Award Board in a bestowing ceremony.

Award Theme for 2017

Refugees and Migration as an Opportunity for Intercultural Dialogue

I come from no country, from no city, no tribe. I am the son of the road...
all tongues and all prayers belong to me. But I belong to none of them.” 

Amin Maalouf, Léon l’Africain

The Euro-Mediterranean region is often defined as a cross-road of civilizations, a space where peoples have met and exchanged since the most ancient times. In such context, diversity is not only defined by the variety of cultural expressions related to a given territory. Nowadays, diversity lies in the possibility of incorporating otherness within our perception of the world, thus completing it with other views and other voices. Unfortunately, the possibility of otherness is often perceived and portrayed as a threat to our identities and values, understood as monolithic structures. An approach which is at the origin of intolerance and exclusion, setting the grounds for all sorts of violence.

The Anna Lindh Foundation was created not only to celebrate diversity, but to build on it. We believe that cultural diversity is the space where collective intelligence and dreams can blossom, and that it this diversity of human stories and contributions, which enriches the flora of the Euro-Med society. Thus, the Euro-Med Dialogue Award 2017 will focus on those initiatives and individuals whose work demonstrates how refugees and migration are an opportunity for intercultural dialogue.

During the last years the EuroMed region has been the stage of severe changes that have challenged the foundational values of our societies. Socio-political challenges following the eruption of the economic crisis in Europe, the uprisings in the South, shared environmental challenges and the subsequent wave of migration and refugees, have resulted in unprecedented numbers of displaced persons and communities, affecting the very tissue of EuroMed identities.

In such context of crisis and change, when hatred-based speeches are on the rise, social and political rights are being redefined and policies related to the free movement of people are revisited, our societies must benefit from the bridging power of dialogue. From this perspective, migration and rising numbers of refugees are an opportunity for bringing people together and showing the rich potential of development within diversity.

Visualizing the next generations peacefully co-existing in harmony and prosperity implies a collective capacity to deal with change, to adapt and develop for mutual benefit. Societies must learn to work with cultural diversity in order to ensure that no-one is excluded in the process of building a shared future and to make sure that our knowledge is enriched and affected by our neighbour’s experience.

The aim of the ALF Euro-Med Award is to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations that have been at the forefront of promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Within the scope of the Euro-Med Dialogue Award 2017, we encourage the participation of outstanding initiatives that aim at fostering, recognising and celebrating the contribution of refugees and migrants to cultural diversity. As well as projects that mobilize initiatives proving that intercultural dialogue can be a means for refugees and migrants to meet, communicate with and become part of existing communities.
In this framework, the Board has chosen the theme of Refugees and Migration as an Opportunity for Intercultural Dialogue.

Euro-Med Award Committee

For the 2017 edition, the Committee consists of:

The Jury, composed of:

• Three (3) independent persons of renown and prestige working in the ALF priority fields of action and coming from the EuroMed region;

• The representatives of the Head of Network institutions of two (2) ALF member countries (one representing the North and one the South) according to a rotational system on a yearly basis.

The Board, composed of:

• The Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation;

• The President of Fondazione Mediterraneo (co-organizer of the Award).

For any further questions concerning the Euro-Med Award, please write to