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About the Anna Lindh's Annual Cultural Festival

The “Farah El-Bahr” Festival is the Anna Lindh’s opportunity to celebrate and highlight the diversity of intercultural initiatives both in Egypt and the wider Mediterranean. Traditionally held in the iconic Alexandrian Citadel and different locations around the centre, for three days the city welcomes artists and performances from around Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

The festival is developed in partnership with international and local cultural organizations, NGOs, schools, businesses, voluntary groups, consulates and diplomatic missions based in Egypt who benefit from a promotional space and the opportunity to present projects, exchange good practices and develop further cooperation in the field of culture and intercultural dialogue.

Now in its fourth year, the festival's content and program continues to expand making it an important and much looked-forward-to event in Alexandria’s cultural calendar.

The chosen mascot for the festival is a direct reference to the Shay El Arousa, with the word “Farah” (wedding) bringing to mind the word “arousa” (bride). With Shay El Arousa being the Egyptian tea, widely popular in all classes and walk of Egyptian life, it is a perfectly identifiable reference. By giving our Arousa a pair of headphones, speakers, and turning her into a mermaid, she becomes the perfect mascot for Alexandria’s Farah El Bahr festival.