ALF Hands-On: Open Call for Trainers - Third Edition

Hands-On Call for Trainers 3rd Edition

Submissions Received HandsOn 3rd Edition

We no longer receive applications for this call.

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What is ALF Hands-On?

ALF Hands-On is a dynamic Capacity Enhancement Programme by the Anna Lindh Foundation designed to empower Civil Society Organisations in the field of Intercultural Dialogue.

It's more than just a training programme; it's a platform for peer-to-peer collaboration, real-world application, and community building.

We're seeking innovative entities capable of developing and delivering online enhancing capacities modules tailored to civil society practitioners and equipping them with the skills they need to drive positive change in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking passionate and knowledgeable organisations within the 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries with a specific expertise on the following main domains to be shared with peers online.

  • Emerging intercultural challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Management of intercultural organisations and projects
  • Strategic planning, governance and leadership for civil society organisations

This call is closed now.

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Priority will be given to training modules that address the following:

  • Peacebuilding, conflict resolution/prevention, coexistence and inclusive dynamics
  • Disinformation and misinformation in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Living together in the Euro-Mediterranean context
  • Youth engagement in participatory dialogues and decision making processes in the Euro-Med
  • Ethics and governance of Artificial Intelligence technologies in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Social innovation as a catalyst for social inclusion in culturally diverse Euro-Med societies
  • Empowering women in the Euro-Med region as a way to challenge gender stereotypes
  • Integrating social dimensions in climate change policies in the EuroMed region
  • International cultural relations and cultural diplomacy to bridge both shores of the Mediterranean

Why peer-to-peer?

Traditional training programmes often lack the interactive and collaborative elements needed for effective skill development. Peer-to-peer learning goes beyond conventional teaching methods by fostering direct engagement, shared experiences, focusing on practical and field experience.

Through peer-to-peer training, participants will have the opportunity to learn from facilitators/experts who understand the specific challenges and contexts faced by intercultural dialogue and civil society practitioners in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It encourages dynamic interactions, knowledge exchange, and the co-creation of innovative solutions.

ALF Hands-On objective

E-learning has proved to be an effective method to reach wider and more diverse profiles, transcending geographical barriers. The Anna Lindh Foundation is putting into action a Capacity Enhancement Programme, ALF Hands-On, to be implemented by and for Intercultural Dialogue actors from the Euro-Mediterranean region by providing their middle-level staff with free of charge online non-theoretical trainings.

With this call, the Anna Lindh Foundation is seeking to identify potential expertise within its ALF Civil Society National Networks and beyond, capable of developing and implementing online training modules to empower Intercultural Dialogue entities in intercultural dialogue fields.

The training modules can be organised in different durations according to the following schemes:

  • 3 sessions × 2 hours = 6 hours* of training to be delivered in a maximum of two weeks
  • 6 sessions × 2 hours = 12 hours* of training to be delivered in a maximum of one month
  • 9 sessions × 2 hours = 18 hours* of training to be delivered in a maximum of one month and a half

(*) Other schedule combinations are also possible as long as the total number of hours is met

The training modules can be carried out in English, Arabic or French with no interpretation, targeting 20 participants (trainees). The ALF Secretariat will provide the online platform to conduct the on-line sessions (Airmeet).

Pre-established lump sum allocations, payment modality and final reporting requirements

The selected lead organisations reaching 80% threshold of targeted participation, will receive a lump sum allocation per training module implemented. This lump sum will contribute to covering all the related expenses regarding the preparation and implementation of each online enhancing capacities module effectively carried out. This lump sum allocation will vary depending on the duration of each training module, as follows:

Modules Maximum period allocated to deliver the online trainings Lump-sum per training
3*2=6 hours* Two weeks 1.500 euro
6*2=12 hours* One month 2.700 euro
9*2=18 hours* One month and a half 3.600 euro

(*) Other schedule combinations are also possible as long as the total number of hours is met

  • 60% of the lump sum amount will be issued upon signature of the contract and reception and approval of the training materials
  • 40% will be released after having carried out the training module and upon the delivery of the summary report of the evaluation process, the evaluation forms filled by the facilitators (trainers) and by the participants (trainees) and the attendance proofs for each session

Hands-On in three steps

Applicant organisations elaborate a TRAINING OUTLINE, following the online form available, emphasising the specific expertise of your organisation on the suggested topic, the active peer-to-peer e-learning methodology that you will apply and your non-theoretical approach. Based on the information received from applicants, a screening selection will take place.


The successfully-screened lead organisations provide FULL ENHANCING CAPACITIES APPLICATIONS, following the online template provided by ALF Secretariat, with the sessions lengths, structure of contents, the proposed training materials and the communication supports. Based on these aspects, a pre-selection will be made.


The ALF Secretariat will launch two OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS based on the communication supports provided by the pre-selected lead organisations. The aim will be to disseminate across the Euro-Mediterranean region the scheduled training offer in order to select the participants (trainees) for two rounds of training (spring and summer). Only TRAINING MODULES that reach at least 80% of the intended participants (trainees) will be finally organised.

Call for expression of interest open until 4 June 2024 (23:59 Central European Time, CET)  

Outline enhancing capacities applications in English, Arabic or French must be submitted by 4 June, 23.59 CET via the online application form only. Please note that it is not possible to save the application as a draft or to make any changes after submitting it. At the close of the call, the most recently submitted version of the application will be processed. Only selected organisations will be connected and the result of the selection process will be only communicated via the ALF website.

The same applicant organisation cannot submit more than one training application under this call.

Trainings can take place between November and December 2024 for the first round of online enhancing capacities modules and between February and March 2025 for the second round. Applications cannot be submitted for activities that are already partly or fully funded by the ALF.

Preview the online form.

Indicative timeline

30/04/24 Launch of the call for expressions of interest (training outlines)

28/05/24 Online informative session

04/06/24 Deadline to submit training outlines applications

25/06/24 Announcement of the successfully-screened lead organisations

16/07/24 Deadline to submit full enhancing capacities applications (training modules)

30/07/24 Announcement of the pre-selected lead organisations

November-December 2024 Implementation of the first round of enhancing capacities modules

February-March 2025 Implementation of the second round of enhancing capacities modules

Online meeting with the pre-selected lead organisations to share methodology approaches will take place tentatively on 10/09/24

Online meetings with the lead organisations to evaluate results will take place tentatively end of January and end of April 2025

Final reporting requirements

At the end of the implementation of each enhancing capacities module, a triple evaluation must be carried out: one by the lead organisation, one by the facilitators (trainers) and one by the participants (trainees), following the template provided by the ALF Secretariat. The lead organisation must provide the evaluation forms filled along with a summary report of this triple evaluation highlighting the main findings and figures to be submitted to ALF no later than max two weeks after completion of the training along with; The attendance proofs for each session will be extracted from the on-line platform system provided by the ALF Secretariat.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria will be based on the quality of the complete enhancing capacities modules received. Priority will be given to legally constituted organisations that are members of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s National Networks by the date of submission of the applications. A geographical balance between regions and countries will be observed, as well as diversity of the topics covered by the selected organisations. For the evaluation procedure, the following elements will be considered:

  • Lead organisation background in the specific field of the proposed enhancing capacities module (10%)
  • Credentials –previous experience- of the proposed facilitators (trainers) (20%)
  • Added value of the proposed structure of the contents (20%)
  • Approach applied to guarantee non-theoretical training (25%)
  • Methodology to ensure dynamic interaction between participants (trainees) and facilitators (trainers) and among participants (trainees) (25%)


The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, ALF, (, created in 2005 and based in Alexandria is an international intergovernmental organisation and its aim, according to its statutes, is to promote the dialogue between cultures and to contribute to the visibility of the Barcelona Process through intellectual, cultural and civil society exchanges.

The Anna Lindh Foundation brings together organisations, institutions, policy makers, and other change makers from all Euro-Med countries to open a dialogue and cooperate. People meet, learn, and collaborate, through the Foundation’s different projects and initiatives in different fields to empower them to create a chain of positive change that touches more lives and communities. Its action grounds on the two main bodies of the Foundation: It’s Civil Society National Networks with more than 4,500 members and the 43 Members States of its Board of Governors.

Framework and financial allocation

This programme is developed in the framework of the Action Grant NDICI-GEO-NEAR/2022/434-371 in accordance with the Anna Lindh Foundation Multiannual Work Programme 2022-2025. The indicative overall amount allocated to this call is 95.000 euro. The ALF Secretariat reserves the right not to disburse all available funds.