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Art and Social Transformation

March 2012
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Intercultural Affairs

« Histoires vraies de Méditerranée » ou l’ambition littéraire originale de Marseille-Provence 2013
Alfred Mignot/ le jmed

Dans la perspective de Marseille‐Provence 2013, Capitale européenne (et, de fait, méditerranéenne) de la Culture, est né un projet littéraire original, ouvert à tout contributeur – « simple citoyen » comme écrivain – de treize pays...

Nearly 50 Million Worldwide Planning to Migrate Soon-Those working at capacity, professionals most likely prepping to leave
Neli Esipova, Julie Ray/Gallup

Of the roughly 630 million of the world's adults who desire to move to other countries, less than one-tenth of them -- about 48 million adults -- tell Gallup they are planning to move in the next 12 months. Less than half of those who are...

The Middle East in Transition: Clues from Poland
Patrycja Sasnal/EuroMesco IEMed

Patrycja Sasnal analyses the features of the Polish transition to democracy particularly relevant to the changes unfolding in Egypt and Tunisia. These include similar initial conditions, a..

Far more Christian than Muslim migrants worldwide
Tom Heneghan/Reuters

Christians far outnumber Muslims as migrants around the world, including in the European Union where debates about immigration usually focus on new Muslim arrivals, according to a new study issued on Thursday...

Le racisme existe, pas les "races"
Caroline Fourest/Le Monde

François Hollande veut supprimer le mot "race" de la Constitution. Nicolas Sarkozy juge sa proposition "ridicule". Cette guerre de mots cache une divergence beaucoup plus profonde qu'il n'y paraît. Entre un candidat de gauche qui...

L’extrême droite s’enracine en Europe
Mariano Aguirre/Le Monde Diplo

Les sanglantes attaques (78 morts) perpétrées par Anders Behring Breivik le 22 juillet 2011 en Norvège ont brutalement réveillé tous ceux qui, en Europe, regardaient passivement l’extrême droite islamophobe gagner du...

‘Muslim Facebook’ to be launched in İstanbul in Ramadan
Mehmet Solmaz/ Todays Zaman

Described as a “Halal Facebook,” the new social networking phenomenon, Salamworld, set to hit the Muslim world during the fasting month of Ramadan, will create an Internet platform for Muslims of all ages. The headquarters of...

Le manque d'opportunités mène les jeunes à la rébellion, estiment les experts
Mouna Sadek/Magharebia

Du phénomène de l'immolation par le feu à l’émigration clandestine et à la violence, des psychologues ont décortiqué les malaises de la jeunesse algérienne... 

Muslim players win hijab battle in their struggle for women’s rights
James M. Dorsey/Middle East Online

Observant Muslim women soccer players win first victory with endorsement by International Football Association Board’s decision to allow players to test specially designed headscarves for next four months... 

Immigration et citoyenneté : « L’Italie, c’est moi aussi »
Mario Paciolla/Cafe Babel

« L’Italie, c’est moi aussi » est le titre d’une campagne promue au niveau national par 19 organisations de la société civile italienne. L’objectif de cette campagne était de recueillir 50.000 signatures afin de présenter au Parlement deux...

The Coming Arab Identity Crisis
Massoud Hayoun/The Atlantic

The Arab Spring could renew Nasser's 60-year-old mission for pan-Arabism, but the movement would face new challenges today...

At al-Azhar mosque, struggle over Islam roils a revered Egyptian institution
Griff Witte/Washington Post

They came by the thousands, pouring through the ancient stone archways and into the gleaming white marble courtyard of al-Azhar mosque. The faithful had come to pray, to hear a thundering sermon from a leader of Hamas...

In Focus

VIDEO: Potentials of arts and culture for social transformation
Radius of Art

Keynote speech by Basmaa Al Husseini, Managing Director of Al Mawreed Al Thaqqafi, at the opening session of the Conference “Radius of Art” held in Berlin on 8 and 9 February...

New prize for art that creates social change
Ermanno Rivetti/ The Art Newspaper

Pistoletto and Zegna foundations present €25,000 award at Serpentine Gallery...

Revolution and Cultural Mutation
Rachida Triki/IBRAAZ

Today in Tunisia and Egypt, and perhaps soon in other oppressed countries, reality exceeds the wildest dreams of emancipation. For decades, anti-democratic practices forbidding freedom of speech and the use of public spaces led to...

Les artistes et les oulémas mauritaniens unissent leurs forces
Bakari Guèye/Magharebia

Des artistes mauritaniens et des leaders religieux se sont réunis à Nouakchott au début du mois pour débattre des moyens de préserver la culture et de favoriser l'unité...

VIDEO: Videos related to Team Culture 2012
Ministry of Culture Denmark

Why have you said yes to become a part of Team Culture and what is the role of art and culture in a time of crisis? See and hear what some of the members of Team Culture 2012 has to say...

Look Out … Look In
Moukhtar Kocache/Arts Council

I write this from Jerusalem, unable to return to Cairo, my base for the last seven years. There, young people have creatively – and with great heart – chosen to be active participants in shaping their future, revealing in the process, global imminent...

Global Art Uprising: How the revolutionary spirit transformed creativity
Matt Kennard/the comment factory

“If I’ve got a skill, I think it’s necessary to put this skill at the service of the social movement. The artist cannot ignore art as a tool for change. Especially not now.” says Latuff...

A Dynamic Mediterranean: Creative Networks, Representation, Mobility
Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio/IEMed

Art can lead to understanding between the two shores of the Mediterranean, reduce indifference and transform its societies; in other words, go beyond its aesthetic function. At present, artistic works are conceived to awaken viewers...

A Life in Language: A Conversation Between Adonis and Laura Allsop
Laura Allsop/IBRAAZ

Adonis, born Ali Ahmad Said Esber in Syria in 1930, is widely regarded as one of the Arab world’s greatest modern poets alongside the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish...

EuroMed Media Review

Upper Egypt hosts the very first Young Arab Voices training on Social Media and Debate
Anna Lindh Foundation / British Council

Youth leaders gather in the Upper Egypt city of Asyut this weekend to develop their skills on the use of social media for debate and active citizenship in the framework of Young Arab Voices (YAV)...

Union for the Mediterranean: Parliamentary Assembly calls for political solution in Syria, resumption of Middle East talks, and support for democratic transition
ENPI info service

A political solution to the conflict in Syria, a resumption of the Middle East peace process and support for the transition to democracy in countries on the Mediterranean's southern shore - these were the key wishes of the 8th Parliamentary... 

Arab countries to agree on Mediterranean union co-chair
Egypt Independent

Consultations are ongoing between Arab countries to choose a country to hold the co-presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean, an official from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said...

Egypt still supports the Union for the Mediterranean
Diplo News

Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr affirmed on 14th March Egypt's supporting the "Union for the Mediterranean" and its looking forward to strengthening cooperation with it through the Union’s...

Advisor to King Mohammed VI calls for new Euro-Mediterranean partnership built on knowledge

André Azoulay, adviser to King Mhammed VI, called, on Monday night in Rome, for a new Euro-Mediterranean partnership built on fairness, ambition, parity, respect and above all mutual knowledge...

Looking at history through a variety of lenses

The 19th International Euroclio Conference in Antalya, a unique professional training event open to history, citizenship and social studies educators from Europe and beyond will be held in Antalya, Turkey from 1 to 7 April... 

Euro-Mediterranean conference on research and innovation
ENPI Info Center

The European Commission is organising a high-level Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation to boost cooperation in the field between the EU and its member states and the Southern...

Reis Ceric receives Ducci Peace Prize in Rome

In the presence of prominent Italian figures, diplomatic corps, Muftis of Bihac and Banja Luka, Banja Luka Imams and Bosnians who live in Italy, on Tuesday evening at the Sala della...

Mideast: Azoulay, peace possible. Save joint values and history

Peace in the Middle East remains a possibility, despite the fact that the list of failures and missed opportunities is growing ever longer. It is possible because co-existence and integration between Muslims and Jews... 

Council approves conclusion of Euro-Mediterranean convention on preferential rules of origin
ENPI info service

The Council of the European Union yesterday authorised the conclusion, on behalf of the EU, of the regional Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin, in a decision that it is hoped will help develop growth... 

Debate in Cairo on ‘Creativity between Freedom of Speech and Censorship’
Anna Lindh Foundation/British Council

In the framework of the ‘Young Arab Voices’ debate programme in Egypt, El Sawy Culture Wheel organised in Cairo on Wednesday 14th March a debate on the topic of ‘Creativity between...