Catholic University College Limburg/Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg dept SAW

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Agoralaan Gebouw B, bus 7, 3590 Diepenbeek

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Public Institution
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. International/Cultural relations
  2. Research
  3. Youth and education
General Information
1. We are an university of professional education, university college called. The department is social-agogical work. We are situated in a rural area but we have an expertise in the training of social educators (university of professional education). The students are going to work with disabled people, with youth at risk and with immigrants. We have some students with special needs in our school (deaf student, student with spina bifida) and are focusing explicit to students with immigrant backgrounds. At this moment we have 3 adult immigrant students (in the adult Stuwerproject)and 9 immigrant students in the ordinary education. 2. We have a budget for university for about 6000 students and 600 staff members. In our department 700 students and 53 staff members 3. We receive funding from the national government ministry of education. 4. We have a lot of experience with European Grundtvig projecten
Mission and Objectives

Higher education (bachelor degree) for social educators.

Main Projects / Activities

University activities in training and education and in surveys and investigation about several topics i.c. multicultural topics
Ex: http://www.gelijkekansenhogeronderwijs.behttp://www.huwelijkenmigratie…

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Gerard Gielen
Head of the organisation
Dr. Joke Maes