Cork Film Festival

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Emmet House, Emmet Place

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00353 861003871
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Organisation Type
Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Media
  4. Research
General Information
1. Cork Film Festival is a limited company with Board of Directors and employs 4 full-time staff and approx 30 contract staff. 2. Total budget is €530,000 3. Chief sources of funding are: The Arts Council of Ireland, the MEDIA programme of the European Commission and Cork City Council. 4. CFF engages in several exchanges and partnerships with other international film festivals. 5. We are members of the European Coordination of Film Festivals, the European Film Academy and the International Short Film Conference. We have contributed to festivals in Italy, Germany, Algeria , France and Albania, amongst others. Currently, we are operating a project in cooperation with the Festival du Film Amazigh, Algeria.
Mission and Objectives

The objective of Cork Film Festival is to celebrate the art of film in all its forms. The artistic approach is eclectic. Through screenings and associated events, the festival aims to present a wide spectrum of contemporary filmmaking. In particular we support the short film, believing it to be both an art form in its own right. We are committed to developing our education and young audiences sector and our role as an international animator and ambassador of Irish film. In particular, the Festival is interested in interacting and forming partnerships with organizations in joint projects which explore culture, film and society.

Main Projects / Activities

Cork Film Festival’s main point of activity is an annual week-long festival of international film. Within that, the Festival provides an eclectic programme. Seminars, talks, exchanges, education and training also happen with this. The Festival also curates and promotes Irish film internationally, and fosters international partnership and exchange.

Contact (1) Full Name
James Mulligan
Job Title
Artistsic Director
Head of the organisation
Sean Kelly