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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information
Structure: Decision making body is the Board of Trustees. Day-to-day activity is implemented by 5 permanent employees and a pool of approx 40 volunteers, supervised by the president. Budget: Yearly budget of approx 150000 EUR composed by EU (mostly EuropAid) and national funds. We implement global education in formal, informal and non-formal frames, that means lectures and workshops in schools, conferences, education of teachers, youth programs in camps, trainings, educational materials, computer animations, email newsletters, media etc. We have permanent major partners from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and we work with many other partners from all around the world (see memberships).
Mission and Objectives

The BOCS Foundation was created in 1975 and was formally registered in 1994. It has been working on the Hungarian speaking areas (Hungary, and among Hungarian minorities in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia), in India (help schooling of poor village girls in Gujarat since 1977) and Africa.
Its work is aimed at international development cooperation, global education (first of all peace and environmental education, development and human rights education), rights of future generations and women.
BOCS Foundation implements strong lobbying activity and is one of the most represented NGO’s in the Hungarian politic scene. BOCS Foundation is the delegate of the Hungarian Green Movement in the International Development Cooperation Consultative Board of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2003.

Main Projects / Activities

Since 2008 BOCS Foundation started to focus on Africa. BOCS partnered with international organizations to launch the “Africa's Demographic Challenges” (, the "From Poverty to Prosperity" (, the "Action for Wide Awareness Raising in Europe" ( and the “Save Women's Lives” ( EU-supported, 2-3 years long projects. These projects aim to raise awareness among political leaders, decision makers, the media and the public about the global megatrends and their effect on the Hungarian society.
BOCS is the Hungarian member of:
EuroNGOs (The European NGOs for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Population and Development), since 2006. (
IFOR (International Fellowship of Reconciliation), since 1995 (
BOCS is founding member of:
Hungarian Green Movement, since 1991.
Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid, since 2003.
BOCS is a member of:
Network for Rights of Students, since 2009.
Hungarian Africa Platform, since 2010.
CEEweb for Biodiversity, since 2010.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are ready to share and bring our global education package to basically any kind of activity or for any target group. This is a pack that is relevant whether we discuss democracy, gender, environment, human rights, or any development topic.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We would like to get involved in EuroMed projects, to implement global education programmes with the partnership of Med countries.

Contact (1) Full Name
Gyula Simonyi
Head of the organisation
Gyula Simonyi