Crnogorska alternativna kultura (Montenegrin Alternative Culture)

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
General Information
NGO Montenegrin Alternative culture is consisted of president and assembly. NGO gathers members who are professionals in different fields, such as: art, culture, sociology, philosophy, journalism, philology, law, and marketing. Our budget still does not overcomes 10.000,00€. Funds that we received funds so far are from Montenegro and foreign embassies, but we applied for EU funds in international projects. Our actions are dynamic and concrete in order to create platform for establishment of new cultural patterns in Montenegrin society. We collaborated with many institutions and organizations such as the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, French Institute, Japanese Embassy, etc.
Mission and Objectives

Montenegrin Alternative Culture (MAC) is a laboratory for the change of perspective.
MAC is a platform for establishing the new cultural patterns in Montenegrin collective consciousness. Withing the existing constellation of reality, those changes are not only given as the expression of youth revolt, but rather as our necessity. It is needed to introduce the inversion of stale patriarchal conformism that is to represent just the bases of the new, future consciousness.
MAC deconstructs the existing order by provocative interventions and by heretical experimenting with symbolical universe of Montenegro’s surrounding.
MAC’s activities basically refer to Montenegro’s region, but should also be understood as universal, but no way local/ national. MAC is a conductor of global changes in Montenegro.
MAC demises stupidity, primitivism, consumerism and other calamities of the ready-made world of fake relations.

Main Projects / Activities

NGO Montenegrin Alternative Culture organized many events that are recognized as innovative in Montenegro, such as first festival of Japanese Manga and Anime, but also those that have been considered controversial such as performance “Montenegrin funeral/exhibition” that questioned patriarchate basis of Montenegrin history. We were also co-organizers of project that affirmed LGBT issue in Montenegro called “I see the different”. We hosted lectors, movie projections, street art interventions and initiated public debates. We are also editors of the website that brings inspiring activism and art news, interviews and columns.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can promote the goals of ALF Network through our future projects concerning action of civil society in fields of art and culture. We want to improve social connections among people through this values that we strongly believe are basis of every society.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join this network in order to make connections with similar organizations from other national networks in order to work on projects that could improve our society and affect cultural exchange among those.

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Maja Bakić