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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
Passepartout Theatre Production (PTP) was formed in 2007 in Copenhagen by theatre director, dramatist, actor Jacques S. Matthiessen together with dramaturge, actor Peter Sloth Madsen. PTP is a Nordic theatre association with a specific selected committee, consisting of talented people with different skills and backgrounds. The frame or the “Passepartout” is based on a national and international network, where the main focus is to establish possibilities for production, finance and performance between Nordic countries and other countries. For PTP it is important, that all theatre productions have a high quality level within professionalism and artistic expression. In 08/09 PTP created two cross-cultural family performances in Mali and Nepal. Both performances were played over 50 times and were furthermore on a three-week-tour in Denmark. Among other projects can be mentioned • A youth collaboration project in Mozambique • Theatre project with streetkids in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. • Cultural exchange with theatre artists from Burkina Faso, Mali, Nepal and Lebanon. PTP has no continuously budgetary resources available, apart from membership subscriptions. All financing happens through fundraising. In the theatrical season 2008/2009 PTP received 915.000 Dkr. through fundraising and in 2010/2011 900.000 Dkr. through fundraising. PTP’s main partners involved in the association’s projects are 1) Danish Center for Culture and Development: CKU/DCCD. 2) Danish Art Council: Statens Kunstråd. 3) Danish Embassy’s.
Mission and Objectives

Passepartout Theatre Production (PTP) regard it as the most distinguished duty to act as the Nordic theatre platform for unique cross-cultural theatre in order to promote and extend intercultural understanding which is more actual and necessary than ever before, because of migration and international trade. Integration between people, culture and diversity happens through working together and it is PTP’s ambition to embrace cultural diversity within theatrical expression and artistic individuality and the association aims to work from an equal cultural collaboration between the individual participants artistic visions and professional qualifications. Because of financial and technical reasons it can, however, be difficult to carry through intercultural artistic projects. More important was the absence of a production platform or a production office for the work with cross-cultural theatre productions and PTP was created to complete that specific need for an association that exclusively focuses on cross-cultural productions in a wide perspective. It is PTP’s mission to collaborate with both industrialised countries and less developed countries around the world – an anthropological theatrical collaboration. The organisation strives for developing a synergy effect between the diverse cultures and thereby hopefully create a better cross-cultural understanding.

Main Projects / Activities

Spring 2011 - a cross-cultural collaboration between Lebanon and Denmark. The creation of 2 puppet theatre performances for children with the theme: The 3 Generations: Old, adult, child. We are working on a theatre collaboration between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Burkina Faso in 2012.

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Jacques S. Matthiessen
Head of the organisation
Jacques S. Matthiessen
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Karin Ahnfelt-Roenne