Mosaica Center for Inter-Religious Cooperation

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154 Derech Beit Lehem
Jerusalem 91533

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Religion
General Information
The Center include a general director + a projects manager + an administrator. Professional staff hired per program as suppliers (group facilitators, program evaluators etc. annual budget is $500,000. Source of funding are Foundations and private donors. we develop and implement concrete projects, we hold seminars and provide scholarships for educational programs in schools. The strategy of Mosaica is to partner with the Islamic Movement to fulfill our goals and keep a symmetrical approach between the parties.
Mission and Objectives

Mosaica's vision is founded on the premise that effective dialogue between Jews and Muslims is only possible under conditions of mutual trust in the realm of religion. This derives from the understanding that today's conflict in the Middle East is based not only upon territory but on culture, ethnicity and religion, which are at the roots of the conflict and the key to its resolution.
To widen the inter-religious coalition of religious leaders in the region and the circles of inter-religious diplomacy established at the Alexandria Summit, amongst others, by creating a cadre of religious leaders who will serve as prominent agents for dialogue and change between and within the different religious communities.
To deepen the inter-religious dialogue between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East through educational programs and dialogue sessions, and by training facilitators to implement such programs.
To establish a cadre of learned religious leaders who would disseminate moderate interpretations of religious sources used by extremist factors. This would provide legitimacy and religious validity to the recognition of the Jewish people and the State of Israel instead of standing in the way of dialogue. These leaders would take vigorous steps, among widespread populations, to publicize their interpretations in the written and electronic media, in academic publications, mosque sermons, educational institutions, community centers and elsewhere.
To establish a joint inter-religious forum to confront regional and worldwide occurrences of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.
To develop and implement a new model of conflict management and resolution within the framework of inter-religious dialogue, the multi-dimensional model.
To produce and disseminate comprehensive and reliable knowledge to the general public, academicians, educators and policy makers.

Main Projects / Activities

Our leading programs:
The Jerusalem Inter-religious Educational Leadership Program (JELP) – building a net of more than 30 schools in East and West Jerusalem
Rabbis and Imams Program (MANDAT): The first coalition of religious leaders which will work systematically on an on-going basis to reduce tension between Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Middle East
Women between East and West,” whose goal is to create cooperation in the field of tourism between Jewish, Muslim and Christian women from East and West Jerusalem
Inter-Religious Encounters in the 21st Century: Turning from 9/11 to the Obama Era: Discussions with the Public, which comprises a series of panel discussions accompanied by films. This program will provides an on-going public stage for moderate voices in the debate between the Muslim and the Western worlds and will explore the effect of this debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and vice versa.

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Gita Hazani
Head of the organisation
Gita Hazani