Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum

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5 Christianas Christofidou street, Egkomi, 2417

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Heritage
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information
We are a non-profit, non governmental organization, which is administered by 3 board of directors. Members of our society come from various disciplines and areas: Historians, Food Scientists, Nutritionists, Food Editors in newspapers, Food Journalists, Computer Scientists, Museologists, Museum Educators, Educators, Teachers, Chefs. Skills and Expertise Offered: Study of traditional foods from various disciplines, provide profiles and history of traditional foods, connect network with important research centers on traditional foods in Europe, offer know –how on methodology for archiving food -and drink-related information and data from European regions and develop a unified platform for sharing knowledge, present case studies and profiles of successful commercialized traditional products, assist in promotion of gastronomic tourism and training personnel working in the touristic sector . Assist in organization of activities to promote traditional foods. Sources of income come from members' subscriptions and research projects.
Mission and Objectives

Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum is a non profit Cultural and Research society which aims at conducting and undertaking initiatives and activities to promote knowledge and practice of traditional foods. We have developed an electronic depository of data related to food history and culture: The Cyprus Food Virtual Museum,where information, along with visual representations, from the prehistoric till the current time, on the use of Cypriot traditional foods, associated everyday practices and meals, recipes, tools, and processing techniques have been digitized.

Main Projects / Activities

Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum is an associate partner of the Virtual Museum Transnational Network Network (!), the Learning Museum Network. We are participating in the development of Food & Drink Europeana (the largest digitized encyclopedia in Europe) and in the Leonardo Da Vinci exchange program "Culinary Bridges across Europe", which aims to get acquainted with the gastronomic culture of Europe. Members of our team have participated in several national funded research programs and bilateral projects and have established collaborations with various research centers in Europe and elsewhere.
At a national level, amongst others, we have established the national contest in traditional cooking among children and youth, we are organizing practical workshops on traditional cookery and educational museulogy workshops on the folklore of food.

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Chrystalleni Lazarou
Head of the organisation
Chrystalleni Lazarou