As Life: Sharing Experiences through Arts

نموذج ناجح

As Life: Sharing Experiences through Arts

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Infertility is a worldwide problem that affects couples and families.  In the Palestinian society women are usually blamed for not baring a child, because of the patriarchal society, according to a research conducted by Birzeit University. In Italy the situation differs from that of Palestine, as fewer couples want children, according to a research by Naples Second University.

Based on these observations As Life focused on the problem of infertility in the Palestinian, Italian and French Societies and its impact on women and families through theater. This was done through two performances Womb and Again and the reading of a French play highlighting the similarities and differences between the South and North of the Mediterranean through a socio-cultural artistic cooperation between the three theater companies and 3 Universities.

A 3-days workshop was also organised between artists & university researchers from Palestine, France, Portugal & Italy will be held targeting 30 artists to discuss future projects together.

The project was organized by Al - Harah Center for Theater and Art.