Cyprus Family Planning Association

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27 Ezekia Papaioannou St.
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information

The Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) has nearly five decades of experience on working and advocating sexual and reproductive health and rights, particularly of youth, but also working with women, vulnerable populations, and minorities. We have expertise in human rights, education including non-formal methods, workshops, advocacy, particularly sexual rights education, training and advocacy, women and minority rights. We have developed curricula, manuals and training tools on comprehensive sexuality education, training programs on gender and relationships, have carried out research projects in relation to sexuality, experiences, and sexuality education needs, and we continue for decades to actively engage in advocacy and policy formation on gender, youth and sexuality.

Mission and Objectives

CFPA's vision is a world where sexuality is expressed and enjoyed in freedom, equality, respect and love. Respect and protection of sexual reproductive rights as basic human rights is a prerequisite for ensuring sexual health and wellbeing of all people. Our mission is to promote the development of a society where all people can enjoy the basic human right to make free and informed choices in their sexual, emotional and reproductive lives. The Association works to defend, protect and advocate for the sexual and reproductive rights of all women, men and young people, and exercises a leading role in sexual and reproductive health through the work of it’s committed, competent and skilled volunteers and staff.

Main Projects / Activities

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is one of our main priorities. Our position is that evidence-based, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), free of prejudice, dogma or ideologies, is necessary to equip young people with the tools - knowledge and skills- needed to make informed and free choices regarding their sexual life. Thus, we plan, implement and evaluate information and education programs for youth by youth and experts in the field, educate parents, teacher and other professionals, and publish accurate information and educational materials on issues of sexuality. We also carry out research programs to record and document the needs in Cyprus and conduct programs to promote and defend Sexual Reproductive Rights. We have published two Sexuality Education Manuals for Teachers for Primary and Secondary Education which have been adopted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CFPA also runs a Help Line which provides support and information to all. CFPA is a youth-oriented organisation and its programs and services are tailored to address the needs of young people with a focus on increasing young people’s awareness on SRHR issues and empowering them to make informed decisions related to their physical, mental and social well being. Adding to this, increasing active youth participation at all levels of decision-making, one of the priorities set under the Association’s Strategic Planning. The “Youth for Youth” Group which was established in 1996 by a group of active young people, is one of the governing bodies of CFPA with members 16-30 years of age. The “Youth for Youth” group's actions are guided by an 'Internal Regulations' document and five youth representatives are elected in a Coordinating Committee. The “Youth for Youth” Group members are actively involved in the decision-making processes of the organisation. Overall, young people in this group are trained to be peer educators on CSE and support the counseling services of the Association. We have experience in European and local projects in the fields of education, including peer learning and non-formal learning, advocacy, research working with youth, women and minorities, especially concerning on topics gender equality and sexual and reproductive rights. We can offer expertise and partnership in various European and other funded projects, including but not limited to REC, Europe for Citizens, Justice, Erasmus+ projects.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are one of the most experienced NGOs in Cyprus, with nearly 50 years of active contribution, can share expertise on topics including gender, sexuality, sexual health and rights, working with youth, minorities and marginalized groups, through activities that include education, formal and non formal, curricula and toolkit development, research, youth work, bottom-up policy development, and advocacy.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Establish and strengthen partnerhips, expand our scope of work, networks and collaboration further both locally and regionally but especially to the South of the Mediterranean, exchange practices and share common visions. Opportunities to develop, design, and implement projects contributing toward shared mission and vision of our organisation and our partners.

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Maria Epaminonda
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Executive Director
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Dora Georgiou