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Charlotte Åberg

Organisation Description: 

ArtAgent works to develop an increased awareness of the potential and capacity of art to impact society. ArtAgent runs projects at various locations: in neighborhoods, schools, social institutions, workplaces, public squares and art institutions.

Good Practice: 

Art and culture are important arenas to show, discuss and empower people, all of which is closely linked to freedom of speech and democracy. It allows people to design new forms of civic association and collaboration, local and across national boundaries and disciplines. Target groups that we are working with; vulnerable groups, artists, social workers, teachers, students and NGO's can build patterns of dissent and new designs where their collective life emerge. To work with grass-roots organisations can create an emancipatory politics of globalization from below. We will talk about ways to find access to culture within the field of participatory, situation-specific and new genre public art in the Mediterranean area.

Project Idea: 

"Pearls for dreams" is a project with the aim to build up exchange practices within the field of glass-pearls, story and installation around the Mediterranean. The project's main focus is how we can work for the dialogue and integration with refugees, where art can be a way to make contacts and ties in order to reach a cross-cultural understanding, to promote partnerships and to advocate for policy and operational measures for people around the Mediterranean. The conditions for refugees and the new situation we are facing in Europe is an issue that we need to work with together on all levels. Our methods of reaching dialogue and meetings with different groups and cultures in the society through art is useful within this context.