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Chiraz Bensemmane

Organisation Description: 

My company is a business development consultancy company. I help companies selling better themselves and entering new markets while adapting to the culture and expectation of the latest.

Project Idea: 

There are two projects taht I'm thinking of. One regarding "Living on the otherside" as in showing how it is to live and work be it in Tunisia or Algeria (two country that i know very well) as there is always a perception with Arabic and muslim culture that the countries are very much closed and with people only wearing the hijab, going to mosques, where there is much to tat. The other one would be about empowering women.I'd like the tunisian model to be more spread out in countries such as Algeria or even France, (looking at laws for verbal harassment, way of dressing expectations at work).I haven't started yet on the implementation of the projects but they are dear to my heart and with some help and partners i think it would be beneficial