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Culture and Arts for Social Change

We work with cultural managers and groups from across the region, to bridge mutual perceptions and empower communities through artistic creation and mobility.

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Translation for Dialogue Conference

The conference will gather around 80 experts and cultural actors involved in the field of translation to showcase, debate and advocate for translation.

Mapping on Translation in the Mediterranean

The very first mapping study and programme on the current status and challenges of translation in the Mediterranean region, in partnership with Transeuropeenes. 

‘Sea of Words’ Literary Competition

A regional contest aimed at producing short stories focused on citizenship and the promotion of shared values, run in partnership with the European Institute for the Mediterranean.

Arab Children’s Literature Website Portal

A website resource and programme aimed at promoting reading among children in the Arab region, and to increase dialogue among professionals in the field of children’s literature.

‘Farah El Bahr’ Mediterranean Festival

The international cultural festival in Alexandria focused on celebrating the Mediterranean’s cultural diversity, bringing together artistic groups from countries across the region.

Dawrak – Arts for Change

The Dawrak Arts for Change aims to support cultural expression and dialogue, as well as to improve access to culture across diverse Arab communities.