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Dalia Alahmad

Women's Affairs Technical Committee WATC
Organisation Description: 

"We endeavor to build women’s framework and mobilize their energies to advocate for the rights of Palestinian women and monitor commitment with such rights in a manner consistent with national references and international covenants”

Good Practice: 

I will be displaying material of our organisation, Women's Affairs Technical Committee. WATC

Project Idea: 

an exchange programs and workshops for marginalized categories, illiterate workers, for example. because if we are looking for a deep more enriching intercultural dialogue we should dive deeper to people who constitute a significant percentage of our societies but still don't have the actual chance for dialogue. these categories specifically have a major problem understanding the other side, inside and outside their society. there are many exchange programs for students and literates but almost none for the other illiterates.
I know many personal stories and people's lives changed just for attending such cultural evenings and workshops.
and by doing this, we attract wider segments to join our intercultural dialogue