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Dawrak – Arts for Change

Dawrak – Arts for Change

As part of the broader Citizens for Dialogue programme, the Arts for Change component aims to support a prominent role for cultural expression and dialogue as part of the ongoing social and political discourses developing in the Arab region, to improve access to culture across diverse Arab communities, and to enable young Arab cultural operators to effectively increase the social impact of their work through advocacy and outreach.

The cultural sector in the Arab region, is consciously positioning itself as one of the major players in civil society, alongside other groups that work on human rights, democratic reform and economic development.  The last ten years have witnessed the establishment of new independent theatres, dance companies, music groups, publishing houses, galleries, cultural researchers, and so on that all share a desire to distance themselves from official institutions and to explore new artistic and literary sensibilities. However, cultural actors and artists have the need to offer their spaces & resources, open to their societies. To play this role they need to count on financial resources and official recognition, and to exercise any form of artistic expression in a free and open way.

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