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Euro-Med Policies

April 2011
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Intercultural Affairs

Building a culture of tolerance in the Mideast
David Ignatius / Washington Post

After weeks of exhilarating scenes from Tahrir Square, Egypt offered a reality check last week that shows how hard the transition to democracy will be in the Arab world: The...

Arab, Jewish women in Israel should join forces

There are those who argue that the representation of Arab Israeli women in recent years in various television "reality" programs testifies to a profound change within Arab Israeli...

Beyond the Clash of Civilizations
Gilles Kepel / New York Times

Once I had lunch with Samuel Huntington at the Harvard Faculty Club. I was eager to talk to him because he had used my 1991 book, "La Revanche de Dieu" ("The Revenge of God"), in...

Right of Reply: Jewish-Muslim dialogue works
Jerusalem Post

Even when we do not share a common faith, we share a common fate, and our single destiny must strengthen our bonds of concern, compassion and caring for each other...

Democracy Informed by Religious Values
Dalia Mogahed /

The US and the West must understand the constructive role of faith in Egypt's democratic aspirations, says Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies...

Make sure women can lead in the Middle East
Common Ground News

In Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and elsewhere, women have stood with men pushing for change. In Libya, Iman and Salwa Bagaighif are helping lead, shape and support...

"Pop Islam": being young, modern and Muslim today

How to be modern, fond of music and Muslim?  This is the kind of questions asked by the documentary "Pop Islam", produced under the Euromed Audiovisual programme's...

In Focus

Rethinking Euro-Med policies in the light of the Arab Spring
Nathalie Tocci, Jean-Pierre Cassarino / Open Democracy

The uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East have swept away decade-old dictators, but not their regimes. It will take far more than protests to ensure...

A new neighbourhood policy for the EU
Charles Grant / Center for European Reform

The EU has been much criticised for being slow off the mark. But what the EU says or does during a revolution will have little impact on the outcome. Much more important is whether the EU can...

Joint communication: A Partnership for democracy and shared prosperity with the Southern Mediterranean
European Commission

The European Commission presented a comprehensive offer of practical measures to support  and underpin the transition process in the Southern Mediterranean...

Déconstruction et reconstruction de l'Union pour la Méditerranée?
Béligh Nabli /Affaires Strategiques

Le mouvement populaire et démocratique qui ébranle le monde arabe a conduit la diplomatie française - par la voie du président de la république - à réévaluer son approche de l'Union pour la...

Union for the Mediterranean- Arab States and the UfM
Gamal Abdel Gawad Soltan / IEMed

Discussing Arab Mediterranean policy should not obscure the different policies and strategies applied by the different Arab countries. Generalization about Arab policies should not obstruct...

The Union for the Mediterranean, or the Changing Context of Euro- Mediterranean Relations
Federica Bicchi / Mediterranean Politics Online

This contribution analyses the set of conditions that made the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) possible, highlighting the change vis-a-vis the Euro-Mediterranean...

Penser l'Euro-Méditerranée autrement
Iván Martín

Le Partenariat euro-méditerranéen (PEM), mis en route en 1995 entre l'Union européenne (UE) et douze pays partenaires méditerranéens (PPM), plonge depuis 2008...

EuroMed Media Review

Ashton underlines importance of working with the Arab League to face regional challenges
ENPI Info Centre

The EU's foreign policy chief has stressed the importance of working with the Arab League in addressing the problems and challenges of the region...

Call for Participation: "Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship" initiative
The Anna Lindh Foundation

Following historic events in the Arab region, the Anna Lindh Foundation organises Euro-Mediterranean gatherings in Egypt and Tunisia as part of...

A democratic Mediterranean can emerge from the maelstrom
Daily Star

Mediterranean countries are experiencing turbulence unseen since the era of decolonization and independence. Popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia have swept away entrenched...

L'UMP crée une "Union des Français musulmans"
Le Monde

Alors que le débat sur l'islam et la laïcité n'en finit plus de susciter des polémiques, l'UMP lance, vendredi 18 mars, une "Union des français musulmans" (UFM). D'après le...

Neighbourhood Policy: Dark clouds over Mare Nostrum

Initially ignored by Europe, the Mediterranean region was subsequently the focus of several integration projects, all of which failed to produce results. The current crisis, now striking its...

Europe: on the wrong side of history?
Prospect Magazine

Scared of instability and waves of immigration, European governments have wrongly privileged their own national interests over democracy in the Middle East...

The pacification of the Mediterranean region: Motion for a Resolution at the EU Coucil
Council of Europe

The wave of popular protest that led to the downfall of the regimes of Tunisia and Egypt has spread across much of the Arab and Islamic world and generated demands for democracy...

Baltic-Mediterranean Axis: A New Framework for Cooperation?
Anna Lindh Foundation

From 4 to 5 April, Tampere Peace Research Institute, Head of the Anna Lindh Finnish Network, will co-organize in Espoo, Finland, an international seminar on the theme "Baltic...

Riots in Mideast and North Africa prompt wave of illegal migration
Anna Lindh Foundation

An International Dialogue Forum on Arab-West relations will take place on 6th April 2011, at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt. The Forum will bring together around...