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Role of Intellectuals

August 2012
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Intercultural Affairs

Arab Women and Men See Eye to Eye on Religion's Role in Law
Dalia Mogahed/ Gallup

Many observers of the Arab uprisings are growing concerned about women's rights as Islamist parties that generally favor a more assertive role for religion in public life gain influence across North Africa...

Londres-2012 : les athlètes musulmans à l'épreuve du Ramadan
Stéphanie TROUILLARD/France24

Les deux semaines de compétition des Jeux olympiques à Londres coïncident cette année avec le mois de jeûne du ramadan. Un casse-tête pour les athlètes musulmans qui veulent être au meilleur de leur forme...

Hate speech and violent right wing extremism in Scandinavia
Kristina Boréus , Tobias Hübinette/Open Democracy

Incitement to hatred against 'non-Scandinavians' is widely circulated on the internet, contributing to the legitimizing of right-wing extremist violence and the political exclusion of immigrants. If this does not endanger the political system as...

In defence of Britain's multiculturalism
Mehdi Hasan / Al Jazeera English

Multiculturalism is dead in the UK. Or, at least, that seems to be the depressing verdict of senior members of the British political, media and even theological establishments. In recent years, they have lined up to deliver... 

Media is vital in shaping view of Arab world
Paul Gillespie / The Irish Times

THE ARAB uprisings since January last year have changed those countries in many ways, making all due allowance for the diversity and complexity of experience among and between them...

Antisémitisme musulman, nouvel antisémitisme?
Edith Ochs/ Le Huffington Post

D'après le dossier que publie le Nouvel Observateur, le mal qui ronge la jeunesse de nos banlieues a un nom : c'est un "nouvel antisémitisme". Il aura fallu les déclarations du ministre de l'Intérieur, il y a une semaine, pour qu'on cesse de...

"I React to What is Happening in the World"
Vera Kern/Qantara

Etel Adnan, the grand dame of Middle Eastern literature, is the epitome of cosmopolitanism: throughout her life, she has oscillated between one country, one language, and one genre and another. dOCUMENTA (13) dedicated an entire...

Arab social media use increases 50pc
TradeArabia News Service

The use of social network in the Arab world has grown rapidly with the number of Facebook users reaching 45.2 million last month, marking an annual increase of 50 per cent and tripling since June 2010, according to a report...

UNESCO : Rapport préliminaire sur le développement des médias en Tunisie
Sana Sbouaï/UNESCO

Les journalistes s’interrogent ? Quel cadre juridique pour leur métier ? Qui doit avoir son mot à dire quant à la construction du cadre juridique ? Qui doit nommer les directeurs, sur quel critère ? Quelle protection pour les...

The Arab World in 2030
Omer Karasapan/World Bank

In 2010, the European Commission undertook a pilot project to explore the possibility of establishing “an inter-institutional system identifying long-term trends in major policy issues facing the EU.” The pilot’s...

In Focus

La pensée arabe en crise
Samer Frangié /Lorient Litteraire

Un peu moins de quarante ans après la publication de La crise des intellectuels arabes du philosophe et historien Abdallah Laroui, ce thème est redevenu d’actualité, avec les révolutions de 2011. Les pages culturelles des quotidiens... 

In the name of the blogger
Davin O'Dwyer/ Irish Times

WHERE DID all the intellectuals go? In an era when heated arguments on current affairs TV shows pass for reasoned debate and condensed newspaper opinion pieces try to convey complex theories, the era of the prominent public...

Arab Intellectuals and the West
Fathi El-Shihibi / Middle East Online

Arab-Muslim intellectuals have a responsibility to seriously reevaluate our relationship with the West now that the Arab Spring has provided a rare opportunity for such a worthwhile undertaking... 

The failure of European intellectuals?
Jan-Werner Müller/Eurozine

Intellectuals have been accused of failing to restore a European confidence undermined by crisis. Yet calls for legitimating European narratives – combined with nostalgia for a golden age of Europeanism...

A New Spirit of Revolution
Mona Naggar/ Qantara

Al-Azm is among the most critical of Arab thinkers. In an interview with Mona Naggar he sheds light on the role of intellectuals during the Arab Spring and the current state of protest movements in the region...

Opposition intellectuals then and now: What do they have in common?
Hilla Peled-Shapira/Guardian

The question of whether the Arab Spring will bring about a change in the Egyptian regime's attitude towards the bloggers and other opposition intellectuals depends up a whether it caused a conceptual change of the function of the...

The Arab Intellectuals Who Didn’t Roar
Robert F. Worth/New York Times

In mid-June, the Syrian poet known as Adonis, one of the Arab world’s most renowned literary figures, addressed an open letter to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. The stage was set for one of those moments, familiar from...

EuroMed Media Review

Highlights of the Media Dialogue meeting in Palermo
Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation in cooperation with the Ethnobarometer organised in Palermo, Italy, a two-day workshop on the role of media in presenting information related to the Arab uprising and economic crisis and the impact this…

Debate Training at the Service of Advocacy
Anna Lindh Foundation

22 representatives from Young Arab Voices civil society partners gathered for four days in a charming Riad in Marrakech, Morocco from the 12th to the 17th of July for a unique training…

Un an après le printemps. Quelles relations euro-méditerranéennes ?
Réseau Euromed France

Le Réseau Euromed France, plateforme nationale réunissant 26 associations françaises qui œuvrent pour le renforcement de la société civile euro-méditerranéenne, a organisé un séminaire restreint, le 23 mars 2012, dans les locaux...

“A sea of words” receives 283 short stories
Anna Lindh Foundation / Spanish National Network

The contest “A sea of words” has attracted the participation of 283 young writers from 34 countries, the second highest number since the contest is held. With 49 short stories, Egypt is the...

Supporting Capacity Building in Libya
Programme supported by the European Union

In July 2011, the EU put in place an initial programme of capacity building support for both civil society and new public service bodies in Libya. This programme, financed by the EU’s Instrument for Stability, was set up to respond... 

Euro-Mediterranean University of Morocco to be opened in 2014
University World News

The 43 states of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) plan to set up an international centre for higher education and research, the Euro-Mediterranean University of Morocco, with a focus on Euro-Mediterranean issues and priorities...

Together for a Just Future - a Polish network common project
Anna Lindh Foundation / Polish National Networks

Anna Lindh Foundation Poland (ALF) together with partners from Tunisia and Egypt is holding two-day Forum: Together for a Just Future: Learning from each other through social dialogue...

The European Union’s Policies Towards North Africa: What Role For Spain?
Eurasia Review

Spain’s policy towards North Africa has remained practically unchanged since the Popular Party (PP) took power at the end of 2011. Many Spanish foreign policy interests are concentrated in the region and it is the one area where cross party consensus was reached...

Debate at el Sawy Culturewheel around Egypt’s new Constitution
Anna Lindh Foundation

In the framework of the Young Arab Voices programme, jointly launched last year by the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation, El Sawy Culturewheel is organising on 28 July 2012 its first debate of a series that will continue till March 2013, under the title...


L’intellectuel dans les médias arabes : une figure ancienne
In: Extrait: Les médias arabes Confluences médiatiques et dynamique sociale, pp.11-19

« L’intellectuel » est une figure essentielle dans le monde arabe et particulièrement dans les médias, en particulier dans la mesure où il n’y avait pas jusqu’à une période très récente de professionnalisation du...

The Making of the Arab Intellectual
Dyala Hamzah/Routledge

Examining a range of individuals including liberals, radical secularists and salafi intellectuals, this interdisciplinary approach to The Making of the Modern Arab Intellectual will be of interest to students and scholars of the Middle East, history...