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Women and Social Change

April 2012
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Intercultural Affairs

Article on women in the Middle East triggers debate
Al Jazeera

Mona Eltahawy’s article “Why Do They Hate Us?” about what she calls the "war" on Arab women in the Middle East has sparked an online debate. While some netizens have defended the piece, many have criticised it for its tone, presentation and its depiction of Arab women and men..

La tragédie de Toulouse parviendra-t-elle à unir la France?
François Garai/ Common Ground News

L’assassinat des soldats français de confessions musulmane et chrétienne, du rabbin et des écoliers juifs, il y a deux semaines à Toulouse et à Montauban a ébranlé la France. Pourtant, au-delà des peurs que cet acte a réveillées...

The key is youth participation
Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni/Al Arabiya News

When the Secretary General of the United Nations recently said that failing to invest in the one billion young people of the world “is a false economy,” he certainly had more in mind than just a useful business idea...

What Can Arab Countries Learn From Post-communist Transition?
Marek Dabrowski/CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the political uprising against the authoritarian regimes in the Arab world. But, as demonstrated by the recent dramatic developments in Syria, the process...

We Are All Levantines Now
Philip Mansel/Middle East Online

The future belongs to cities with the energy and freedom of cosmopolitanism, rather than to inland capitals dominated by their military-industrial complex: to Beirut not Damascus; Dubai not Riyadh; New York not Washington. States are dinosaurs: cities are the future...

Les Marocains de Séville : la maure d’une intégration?
PeterG/Cafe Babel

En 2006, plus de 3 000 Marocains vivaient à Séville, ce qui en faisait la principale communauté d’immigrants de la ville. En raison du passé maure de l’Andalousie et de sa capitale, Séville, cette région d’Espagne entretient des liens séculaires avec le Maghreb...

Meet ‘Vogue of the veiled’ - Standing by Islamic beliefs, Istanbul fashion magazine dares to be different
Dan Bilefski / The Record

Across a neon-lighted corridor in a modernist loft in Istanbul, a group of Eastern European models posed for a magazine spread, their heads covered in brightly coloured scarves...

Roma intercultural dialogue – is talk cheap?
James Drew/New Europe

The Roma community is Europe's largest minority, with an estimated 10-12 million people. Poverty and social exclusion affect many Roma people. Fundamental needs such as education, housing, healthcare and access to the labour market are far from being met...

دليل جديد: إنشاء صفحات فيسبوك ذات تأثير

نفخر هذا الأسبوع بالإعلان عن إصدار دليلنا الجديد باللغة العربية، تحت عنوان إنشاء صفحات فيسبوك ذات تأثير: دليل لمنظمات المجتمع المدني العربي...

Le corps découvert, ou le nu dans l'art arabe exposé à Paris
Valérie Oddos/France TV

Alors que la tendance, ces dernières années, dans les pays musulmans est de voiler les corps des femmes, qu’en est-il de la représentation du corps dans l’art arabe, et en particulier de la représentation du nu?...

Masquerade and the Performance of National Imaginaries: Levantine Ethics, Aesthetics, and Identities in Egyptian Cinema
Deborah Starr/Journal of Levantine Studies

Egyptian films from the 1930s through the 1950s reflected the diversity of Egypt's cities. This article argues that a subtle but notable shift in the semiotics of otherness—from a Levantine idiom to a less fluid construction of ethno-religious identity—occurs over this period in Egyptian cinema...

In Focus

North to North-Women As Agents of Change
The House of Estates-Helsinki, Finland

Women's political participation and economic independency are vital in maintaining and developing a stable and successful society. Within the context of recent events taking place in North Africa, The 1325 Network Finland...

Le rôle des femmes dans le printemps arabe
Randa Achmawi/IEMed

Bien que, dans l’espace public, la tradition impose aux femmes arabes une attitude de silence et de soumission, les évènement survenus dans les pays arabes en 2011 ont montré qu’il existe un nouveau...

Réécrire le Livre - De Jeunes Femmes Défient les Fondamentalismes Religieux
International Museum of Women

Certains érudits disent que les mouvements fondamentalistes religieux sont en pleine expansion dans le monde entier. D'autres disent que ces mouvements n'ont pas changé mais qu'ils reçoivent juste une plus grande...

When Tradition Empowers Women
Zeyba Rahman , Amanda Koster/ International Museum of Women

Light falls on Chefchaouen, scattering a palette of blues. This hilly town in Northern Morocco is known for its indigos and robin's-egg blue doors and windowsills, making the sky feel closer to earth. Somewhere inside a group of women gather...

فتيات الربيع العربي يكتشفن صوتهن في ليبيا
ميدل ايست أونلاي

نساء من تونس ومصر وليبيا وسوريا يثرن تجاربهن، ويؤكدن ان الاسلاميين لن يستطيعوا سرقة الثورات العربية. طرابلس - بتفاؤل حذر مصحوب بايمان لا يتزعزع بالمستقبل بعزيمة لا تلين، قدمت مناضلاتم...

EuroMed Media Review

Arab League Chief calls for youth to play a central role in rebuilding regional institutions in a debate organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation
Anna Lindh Foundation/British Council

For the first time since the Arab awakening, the Secretary-General of the Arab League hosts a debate with youth from across the region as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation and British Council’s ‘Young Arab Voices’programme...

EU and UfM reaffirm their intention to work closely
EU 4 Seas

TEU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton met with the Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Fathallah Sijilmassi to discuss the steps forward for the UfM. The Secretary General also held meetings with high level officials from the European Commission and the European...

EIB reaffirms its support to UfM projects
ENPI Info Center

Cooperation between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) will reflect the new priorities following the Arab Spring, notably job creation and an improvement in social and economic conditions across the region...

Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation
European Commission

Outcomes of the EuroMed conference on Research and Innovation organised by the European Commission that took place in Barcelona between the 2nd and 3rd April 2012...

Irina Bokova participates in a conference in Istanbul on the role of Jewish refugees from Nazism in higher education in Turkey

From 19 to 20 April, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova will be in Istanbul (Turkey) to take part in a conference on “Jewish Refugees from Nazism and their Role in Modernization...

Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Young Journalists 2012
EMAJ magazine

Articles and blog posts from the participants to the EMAJ workshop 2012 that took place in Alexandria, Egypt, between the 22nd April and 2nd May...

Abolish the Union for the Mediterranean
FRIDE blog

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was stillborn. Created in 2008, it has blatantly failed to fulfill its purpose: to unlock the stalled regional Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Detaching technical from political cooperation...

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean participates in the Mediterranean Know How 2012 Conference
Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat

The UfM shed light on the three Master Study Programmes and the three Areas of PhD Research Programmes promoted by its High Education and Research Division, and invited the students to apply and register to these new programmes...

‘Ecrire la Méditerranée’ 2012
Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation collaborated with the French Institute of Egypt in Alexandria for the organisation of the third edition of the literary encounters “Ecrire la Méditerranée”. The event took place between the 25th and 28th April 2012 at the premises of the French Institute in Alexandria...

Preparatory meeting for the Handbook for Intercultural Citizenship Education
Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation organised between the 20th and 21st April 2012 in Cairo a preparatory meeting for the development of a regional education project for intercultural citizenship in the Euromed, as part of the new ALF work programme for 2012-2014...


Challenging Religious and Secularist Patriarchy: Islamist Women’s New Activism in Turkey
Canan Aslan-Akman/Journal of Levantine Studies
Leading to Action: A Political Participation Handbook for Women
Women Learning Partnership

Leading to Action is designed for use as a learning tool by those who are challenging themselves to play a more significant political role in their communities. Women’s participation is a critical step towards...

FEM21 - 21st Century Feminist (2010)
European Women’s Lobby

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the EWL has released a magazine exploring the meaning of feminism in the 21st Century. With a wide variety of contributions addressing a range of topical issues, this magazine makes a fascinating read...