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Youth Citizenship and Social Media

February 2011
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Intercultural Affairs

Cameron vs. multiculturalism: British, Belgian, Spanish, Romanian press react

In a call for 'muscular liberalism' at the Munich security conference, the British prime minister blames multiculturalism for exacerbating Britain's problems with radical islamists...

Change poses identity crisis for Middle East
Paul Gillespie - Irish Times

New technology has made contradiction between stability and reform more obvious. 'IT IS values versus interests. On the values side, we want democracy, freedom and human...

Muslims and Christians together in a new Egypt
The Middle East Online

The recent protests in Egypt that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, and their political ramifications, have been covered extensively in the media...

Mauritania celebrates ethnic diversity

Mauritania has long endured racial and ethnic tensions. It took some young filmmakers to finally come up with a way to change the status quo...

In Focus

A Tunisien egyptian link that shook arab history
David D. Kirkpatrick and David E. Sanger - New York Times

The exchange on Facebook was part of a remarkable two-year collaboration that has given birth to a new force in the Arab world to spreading democracy in a region without it.

Citizenship, not religion, must be the basis for inclusion in the Middle East
Saliba Sarsar - Seach for Common Ground

With political change in Iraq and the ongoing transformations in Tunisia and Egypt, news of attacks on religious minorities in the Middle East, from only a month ago, has been forgotten.

The Genealogy of the "Egyptian Spring"
Stefan Winkler - Quantara

The Egyptians have long been considered a peaceable, patient people. However, contrary to appearances, the recent protests have not materialised out of thin air.

Révolution post-islamiste
Olivier Roy - Le Monde

Les clichés occidentaux sur le monde arabe et le Moyen-Orient, notamment ceux qui renvoient systématiquement vers la révolution iranienne, ont empêché de percevoir les mutations profondes qui existaient en Egypte et en Tunisie.

Facts in Context: Turmoil Watch
The Media Line

This table details the likely social, economic and political factors that might lead to mass protests, the means for organizing and leading it, and how significant the collapse of the government would be for the rest of the world.

Youth in the Meditterranean: Challenges and Cultural opportunities for Change
Azza Karam - IEMED

Youth make up the most numerous and, at the same time, most disadvantaged group in the Arab region in terms of visibility and employment. The opportunities for personal development of the young in these... 

Social Media as a Tool for Protest
Marko Papic and Sean Noonan - STRATFOR

Social media alone do not instigate revolutions. They are no more responsible for the recent unrest in Tunisia and Egypt than cassette-tape recordings of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini speeches were responsible for the 1979 revolution in Iran...

EuroMed Media Review

Anna Lindh Statement on the events in Egypt
Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation considers of historical importance the events which are taking place in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and particularly the democratic change which has...

Events in Tunisia, Egypt will have huge impact: Moussa
Al-Ahram Online

Popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt will have "enormous influence" on the Arab world, Arab League chief, Amr Moussa, said in an interview published in Spain's leading daily...

The Arab World and Europe - New challenges for the Union for the Mediterranean
EU Institute for Security Studies

A major change is sweeping through the Arab world, moving from country to country. While national differences remain vast, the same slogans and demands are being heard...

France and Spain call to shift EU funds from east to south
EU Observer

France and five other south-lying EU members have said the Union should give less money to its post-Soviet neighbours and more to Mediterranean rim countries in the context of the...

EP urges the Anna Lindh Foundation to play an active role in promoting citizenship and participation
European Parliament

Reacting to the dizzying changes in Egypt, MEPs passed a resolution calling on the EU to rethink and improve its political and financial strategy to assist the country's transition to...

Berlusconi's Arab Dancer
Roger Cohen - New York Times

It says something about the miserable European response to the Arab spring that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's personal contribution to North African affairs...

Experts fear fresh wave of migration following Tunisia, Egypt uprisings
Al-Masry Al-Youm

Nearly 100 irregular migrants believed to be Egyptian nationals have arrived in Sicily in two boats in the past three days, the International Organization of Migration reported on...

EU Council supports the peoples of the South Mediterranean and their legitimate hopes for democratic change
Council of the European Union

The Council had an in-depth discussion on the unfolding situation in the EU's Southern neighbourhood. It expressed its support for the peoples of the South Mediterranean and...

Avec "Maârifa", les télés arabes font école
La Lettre Med

Les évènements politiques et sociaux de ces dernières semaines en sont la preuve, la jeunesse du monde arabe veut un accès libre à la culture et à l'information. Du Maroc à la...

UNESCO invites universities in the Mediterranean region to participate in the "Open Digital Space for the Mediterranean" (e-Omed) project

More than 60 universities representing 13 countries in the Mediterranean region met last month in Toulon in France to found the international association e-Omed and agreed to...

Riots in Mideast and North Africa prompt wave of illegal migration
Today's Zaman

The wave of public uprisings against decades-old dictatorships that first began in Tunisia, from where it spread to the Middle East, has sparked the largest movement of migrants the...

"Anna Lindh Foundation welcomes the Historical change in Egypt and appreciates the role of the Army", says Al-Masry Al-Youm
Al Masry Al Youm

The statement of the Anna Lindh Foundation on the recent events taking place in Egypt featured in a number of media in the region, among which the renowned Egyptian...

"On the Road" Migrant film festival
Anna Lindh Foundation

Call for film and video authors to participate with their creations in the On the Road2011 film festival. Deadline 15th of May 2011.


Human development report, Egypts youth
Heba Handoussa - UNDP

According to the Report, Egypt's youth can be a formidable force for development if conditions are put in place for an inclusive society where all young Egyptians feel valued and are afforded opportunities to learn...

Young Mediterraneans
Babel Med

A year ago Babelmed published a vast investigation on Youth carried out in 11 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey pointing out the difficulties they face.

Literary Dialogue

Literature plays an important role in intercultural dialogue. Qantara dossier shines the spotlight on some remarkable authors, books, translations and dialogue initiatives...