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Youth Participation in the Midst of Economic Challenges

November 2013
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Intercultural Affairs

Thinking Citizenship in a Revolutionary Arab World: The Intransigence of Difference
Maya Mikdashi. Jadaliyya.

The Arab uprisings, in which men and women of all ages and from all classes bravely challenged brutal authoritarian regimes across the region and called for the dignity of the citizen to be protected, compel us to think critically of the supposed successes and failures of...

‘You do not just translate your thought into another language - you translate the whole issue into that culture’. Intercultural understanding in the experience world of Finnish technical professionals
Niina Valtaranta. Journal of Intercultural Communication

The objective of the researchwas to examine the experience world of professionals in the field of technology as users of foreign languages to illustrate the general meaning structure in the agency of a foreign language user. The fieldwork was carried out through thematic interviews...

Religious leaders and Syrian refugees meet in Lebanon
Isabella Eisenberg

Halba, Lebanon –Here, in the northern Lebanese district of Akkar, Catholic-Maronite, Sunni, Greek-Orthodox and Alawi villages are scattered all over the landscape. The Syrian border is a 15 minute drive to the north of the northern Lebanese town of Halba, and residents can hear shelling in Syria at...

الحراك الثقافي في الشمال السوري – سراقب نموذجا
عنب بلدي – العدد 58، 2013

في وسط الحرب والصراعات السياسية استطاعت مدينة سراقب إعادة الإبداع الفكري والثقافي في الشوارع السورية. فقد فتحت الباب أمام نشر المجلات والجرائد يوميا وأسبوعيا، لكنها ليست فقط للقراءة، فجريدة "زيتون" تحث على مشاركة الجميع لإيصال المعلومة بلغة جميلة، أما جريدة "زيتون وزيتونة" هي جريدة ملونة للأطفال، تفتح بابا واسعا للأطفال للمشاركة والتعبير فيها...

The Economic & Social Crisis in the eyes of Mediterranean writers and poets; May we have a word 2?
Stanley Borg

In this series of interviews, journalist Stanley Borg for the Times of Malta continues to question writers, poets and translators coming from Spain, Malta, Greece, Libya and Syria invited to the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival last September 2012, on the current social and...

People Flow: Migration and Europe
Tom Bentley, Theo Veenkamp, Alessandra Buonfino

Immigration today is an increasingly visible and explosive issue in many European nations. Many governments have adopted language and policy measures that are designed to allay public concerns. The latter include attempts to reinforce state control over both points of entry...

Perspectives des migrations internationales 2013

Cette publication analyse l’évolution récente des mouvements et des politiques migratoires dans les pays de l’OCDE et dans certains pays non membres. Cette édition étudie la migration des travailleurs peu qualifiés et hautement qualifiés, celle des travailleurs temporaires et...

In Focus

Youth unemployment in Europe: An end to crocodile tears?
James Higgins

With just over 5.5 million young people under the age of 25 out of work in the EU, concern is growing over the youth employment crisis. The political and social repercussions of the rise in youth unemployment over the past 5 years have already had a profound impact on Europe’s...

Youth Political Engagement in Egypt: From Abstention to Uprising
Nadine Sika

The first part of the article focuses on the dynamics of political mobilisation in general, prior to the uprising of 25 January 2011. The second part examines the political attitudes and levels of political participation of young people prior to the uprising. The study found that the youth...

Lycéens italiens et français face à la diversité. Des éléments d’analyse comparée
Alessandro Bergamaschi. Cahiers de l’URMAIS

Cette étude illustre la manière de réagir de deux populations adolescentes, l'une italienne, l'autre française, à l’égard du pluralisme culturel et religieux qui caractérise leurs sociétés. Ces jeunes qui se trouvent à un âge décisif pour le développement des attitudes intergroupes, se..

Matariya - Cultural Center for young Egyptians
Documentary by Hannah El-Hitami.

A team of architecture students from Germany and Switzerland, an egyptian student and many young volunteers joined the organisation Mayadin Al Tahrir ("Tahrir Squares") with the aim of building a cultural center to support women, children and young people in an area called El Matariya, a district of Cairo. This is a documentary about their experience...

The ‘Outraged Young’: How Young Europeans are Reshaping the Political Landscape
James Sloam

Declining involvement in politics has long been a concern of academics and policy-makers. Yet young Europeans are today reshaping the political landscape in new ways. These diverse patterns of youth participation reveal much about the health of our democracies....

Youth Work in Tunisia After the Revolution
LErik Churchill

In 2012, Tunisian youth continued to face many of the same challenges they faced before: high unemployment, exclusion, and disillusion. However, there are signs of hope. A new legal framework guaranteeing freedom of association has given life to new associations. These have...

حشد المصادر لعمل الخير
صيلتك 2013 كيفا الشباب العرب

برنامج كيفا الشباب العرب شراكة بين مؤسسة صتلك وكيفا، أكبر منصة في العالم للإقراض الصغير عبر الإنترنت. تعمل كيفا الشباب العرب من خلال مؤسسات التمويل الأصغر المحلية في خمسة دول عربية. حين بدأت العمليات في أبريل 2012، اجتمع 20 ألف مقرض معا لتمويل 759 مشروعا جديدا...

EuroMed Media Review

Syria in Focus as 2013 Journalist Award Winners Announced in London
Anna Lindh Foundation

October 23, 2013, London – Syria took central stage at this year's Award Ceremony for the Anna Lindh Journalist Award, with 2 of the 5 Prizes bestowed in recognition of distinguished reporting on and from Syria. The International Jury, chaired by renowned TV journalist Tim Sebastian...

Appel à contribution: “Le Maghreb avec ou sans l'Europe? Échanges, réseaux, nouvelles dynamiques infra et supra nationales” (L’année du Maghreb: Dossier de recherche IX | 2013)

L’approche du sujet pourrait s’ordonner autour de bilans et de perspectives concernant respectivement: les relations euromaghrébines dans les domaines les plus importants pour en évaluer les forces et les faiblesses : échanges économiques, techniques, humains, culturels...

Palestine: photo marathon to promote youth work
ENPI Info Centre

The European Union is organizing a youth photo marathon in Palestine for young European and Palestinian photographers. This event comes under the framework of the Euromed Youth Programme. Interested European and Palestinian candidates are invited to apply by sending an...

Agora 99

Agora99 is a Euro-Mediterranean meeting on Debt, Democracy and Rights aimed to create a wide and shared process towards a Europe of the commons. The first Agora99 was held on November 1–4 2012 in Madrid, after the proposal was born in an international assembly during...

4th Euro-Arab Young Forum
Council of Europe

The forum is prepared for youth leaders and youth workers resident in member states of the League of Arab States or the Council of Europe. It aims at fostering mutual cooperation and raising awareness among young Arab and European leaders, representatives of associations...

الملتقى العربي الأول: دور الشباب في التنمية البشرية
2013 المنظمة العربية للتنمية الإدارية

سيعقد خلال شهر ديسمبر القادم أول ملتقى الذي سيسلط الضوء على خصائص الشباب وكيفية توظيفها في عمليات التغيير التنموي وعلى وجه التحديد التنمية البشرية، بالإضافة إلى دورهم في التنمية البشرية وارتباطها بالتحديات المعاصرة للمجتمعات العربية...

مشروع أبحاث. لتعميق ثقافة المعرفة
2013 اتجاهات

سعى المشروع إلى رفع مهارات الباحثين الشباب وتوجيههم وإتاحة الفرصة لهم لإنجاز مشروع بحثي بإشراف مباشر من باحثين مختصين في المجال الثقافي لمدة سبعة إلى ثمانية أشهر..


Les jeunes d’aujourd’hui : quelle société pour demain?
Credoc – Cahier de recherche

Quels seront les contours de la société de demain ? Sur quelles valeurs et quelles énergies pourrons-nous compter pour construire un nouvel avenir ? C’est à ces questions de prospective que les chercheurs du CREDOC se sont penchés en identifiant les schémas de vie et de pensée des jeunes d’aujourd’hui qui structureront la société et le consommateur...

Youth Civic & Political Participation and Citizenship Education in the Mediterranean: Lessons from the Arab Spring
Journal of Social Science Education, Nº13

Two striking facts remain unique to the current “Arab Spring”: first, the overwhelming mass involvement of the popular classes and their persistence to overthrow their ruling dictatorships. Second, there is a clear leading role played by youth in organizing and sustaining the struggle. It...

Jóvenes, Actitudes Sociales y Políticas y Movimiento 15-M. Jóvenes, Participación y Cultura Política

Latest polls about spanish youth participation, social and political attitudes and political culture. Conducted by the national youth agency (INJUVE)...

Guardo al futuro: I giovani tra partecipazione politica e governo locale

Latest study about italian youth participation and volunteering. It also profiles the italian youth administrators under 35. Conducted by Forum Nazionale Giovani, the only national platform composed by more than 75 youth organisations...

National Report on Youth
Greek General Secretariat for Youth

A December 2012 study-research conducted by Envirometrics, for the General Secretariat for Youth, to map the current situation of young people in Greece, with an emphasis on the impact of the present socioeconomic conditions on young people in Greece. This study has been carried out to provide information to the Council of Europe International Team of Experts on...

Arab Youth Survey 2013

Every year ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller conducts the Arab Youth Survey because we understand how important it is to access reliable data here in the Middle East, where research into public opinion is often limited. This substantial investment in thought leadership demonstrates our firm belief in the principle of evidence-based communications. The aim of this annual survey, now in...

Youth unemployment campaign hits European Parliament

MEPs are being assailed by campaigners from the European Youth Forum (YFJ), who are running around the European Parliament demanding that they sign a list of 11 pledges on issues from education to implementing to a youth job guarantee scheme...