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Activities 2012

A music band performs at Farah El Bahr 2012

Forum for young Musicians

The FORUM is a two-day event that facilitates a space of exchange and experience sharing among young musicians. Young emerging musicians have the chance to perform on the first day of the Forum and be exposed to a large number of audience. The second day of the "FORUM" involves feedback sessions and technical workshops for emerging musicians by fellow professional musicians. The Theme of the FORUM is "The Reinvention" where dialogue between cultures will be reflected through music. Music genres change as people evolve and adapt different cultures and beliefs. While some prefer to hold on to their traditions, others would look forward and follow the latest trends. The same is true with music genres. Music varies from one country to another, from people's culture, beliefs and personalities to their current habits.

Communal Mosaic

The Cairo based initiative Mahatat for contemporary art contributes with an interactive participatory public art project called Communal Mosaic to this year’s Farah El Bahr in Alexandria. Under the artistic direction of the established Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla and in cooperation with young artists, the citizens of Alexandria will create a huge mosaic in front of the citadel on the 5th of October.

The Communal Mosaic starts on the 3rd of October. Mahatat will set up so called “coloring stations” in different public spaces across the city and invite everybody who passes by to draw, paint or write on a carton paper. The coloring stations will be set up in a number of neighborhoods of Alexandria aiming at reaching and involving a diverse crowd of different age, gender and social background.

On the 5th of October Mohamed Abla and Mahatat together with a group of visual artists based in Alexandria and all citizens who would like to join will assemble the pieces to a large mosaic close to the Citadel. Passersby will be invited to join the creative process of transforming the personal, individual mosaic pieces into a new communal art work.

The Communal Mosaic encourages non-professionals to take active part in the creation of an art piece. Furthermore it invites to an inclusive artistic dialogue between artists and non-artists and the audience. Finally the grand mosaic will be displayed in public space in Alexandria and contribute to taking visual arts out of conventional gallery spaces. The approach of inviting Alexandria’s residents to create something together, to prepare an artwork, quasi a gift to the festival and the city,  matches the festive atmosphere of Farah El Bahr.

Med Muses

Med Muses is an intercultural artistic project involving female singers and musicians from Egypt and the Netherlands. A mini-residency from 1st till 4th October will see the artists meet and work together, in order to produce joint works which will be presented during a concert taking place on Safeya Zaghloul Street, Thursday 4th October at 8pm. Participating artists are Dina El Wedidi for Egypt and Minyeshu for the Netherlands. Each singer will be accompanied by musicians from their respective bands. The project is a collaborative activity between Farah el Bahr and Teatro Eskendria, and is supported by the Dutch Embassy in Cairo.

'Teatro Eskendria is the initiative of the International Association for Creation and Training (I-act) and has been primarily established with private funds with the kind support of the Culture Resource and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt.'

The establishment of Teatro Eskendria is supported by the Mawred Thaqafy.

Egyptian Network Fair

Farah El Bahr Festival is a place where people meet and network. The Egyptian National Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation would grasp this opportunity to participate and interact with the participating Audience. A selection of 15 members from the National Network will be participate to present their work in an interactive and creative way. The fair is in collaboration with OyounMasr Association (the Head of the Egyptian Network).

The Souk

The souk (or the market), is an opportunity for interaction and a showcase place for Egyptian Craftsmen to sell their products and  provide workshops with participating audience.

(A list of participating artists and schedule of workshops, will be provided soon.)


Farah El Bahr will be the first stage of a project involving close collaboration between Egyptian and French performers of Parkour / Free running. The participants in the project will meet a few days prior to the event and prepare a performance which will be presented on 5th October at the Citadel, before the concert. The project will then take the participants to Marseilles (France), and back to Egypt, for a new presentation to be held in the streets of Alexandria in May 2013. Additional activities are planned to take place in Cairo between 2012 and 2013. This project is initiated and supported by the French Institute in Egypt, in collaboration with local performers and organizations involved in Parkour and free running.

A workshop will also be held at St. Gabriel School on 6th October.


  • Turkish traditional music (Turkey)
  • Wasla (Egypt)
  • Sawoff Shotgun (Austria)
  • Cairokee (Egypt)
  • Aida El Ayoubi (Egypt)

Workshops in Schools

In the days before Farah El Bahr, a series of workshops led by artists participating in the festival will take place in many Alexandrian schools. They will give the opportunity to Alexandrian children to discover artistic activities such as theatre, dance and Parkour/Free running. The workshops will be held with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Egypt, the Portuguese Embassy in Egypt, and the French Institute in Egypt.