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Act now for the migrant domestic workers in Cyprus and in Lebanon!

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The project “Act now for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon and Cyprus” was implemented between November 2013 and July 2014 and aimed at enhancing the Migrant Domestic Workers protection in Lebanon and in Cyprus through creating new opportunities for dialogue and advocacy involving NGOs, authorities, decision makers, MDWs and local communities.

Particularly, the project aimed to influence and informs policy makers on the ratification of international human rights treaties enhancing MDWs' protection in Lebanon and in Cyprus and to improve the perception of migrant domestic workers’ by the local communities in Lebanon and in Cyprus.

The project is relevant to the mission of the Anna Lindh Foundation to overcome misconceptions and misunderstanding of the other, as it creates awareness on the status of Migrant Domestic Workers with policy makers, NGOs and the wider public. It promotes the acceptance of MDWs in local communities and aims to install labour laws and diminish abuse and discrimination.

To reach its goal the project involved the creation of two lobbying working groups, advocacy with policy makers in both Lebanon and Cyprus, 7 workshops for legal protection, field visits and exchange of experiences in each country, 2 training of trainers, 6 focus groups, the production of a documentary, and the provision of 34 awareness sessions all related to the reinforcement of the MDWs’ protection among various groups.

The activities used a participatory approach and relied the on human rights based approach in its implementation. The activities targeted MDWs from grass roots levels, employers in each country and reaching decision makers and authorities for the lobbying efforts.