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"Women for Democratic (R)evolution"

Arteria Association – Poland
Darb 1718 - Egypt
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Women for Democratic (R)evolution is an interdisciplinary project consisting of intercultural and comics workshops, cultural activities, exhibitions and publications of participants’ works created within the workshops. The aim of the project is to emphasize the role of women in public sphere and civil society through art. The project started in November in Gdańsk. The basis of the project were 5-day comics workshops directed at 30 participants ( young women) from Poland and Egypt led by 3 artists from both countries. Their reflections on the topic were presented in comics they created. The introduction to comics workshops was 1-day intercultural workshop for participants and artists led by Polish and Egyptian experts. Open discussion on democracy, human rights, equality and diversity helped participants understand better the project’s key theme and strengthen their artistic expression. The effect of the project is an exhibition and online publications. The exhibition has already been shown in Gdańsk and in the following months it will be shown in Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Cairo in cooperation with ALF members. The project is developed together with Arteria Association (Poland) and Darb 1718 (Egypt) and is a part of the 8th Festival of World Cultures “Window onto the world”.

The project will help participants to develop community awareness and active involvement in social and democratic processes. They are also to gain skills to express freely their views in artistic works. The project will also act as a space for interaction between individuals from countries with young democratic background.

Dimanche, Septembre 1, 2013 - Jeudi, Mai 1, 2014