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National Network: 
v d ny, 6
41005 Seville Andalucia
+34 644 379 634
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Our mission is to build an open space on which Roma youth can develop a unified voice and take collective action toward social, political, cultural and economic progress. AGORA ROMA envisions to promote Roma youth participation as a main mover in inclusive Roma development.

Run by and for young people, AGORA ROMA wants to create an open space that aims to provide empowering resources, training and leadership opportunities to support Roma youth in developing projects, campaigns and researches on a local, regional and international level, as well as to advocate to international bodies, institutions and other organizations.

AGORA Roma  is a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation. AGORA Roma is open to both Roma and non-Roma across Europe. Founded in 2014 in Seville, today AGORA Roma is building a Network in Spain and is constantly looking for building new alliances in all over Europe.

AGORA Roma believes that youth movements provide an opportunity for Roma communities to put their initiatives and ideals into action; to make an impact on the world around them, by helping others and by achieving their goals; and, not least in importance, to form connections with other young persons around Europe whose ideals match or complement their own. AGORA citizens, more than most, try to meet these challenges.

The AGORA idea is simple: help young people, Roma and non-Roma  gain the skills needed for taking an active role and develop ideas for a more innovative society.

Mission and Objectives: 

The mission of AGORA Roma is to establish resources and partnerships that contribute to development and implementation a model of civic engagement of young Roma.

The AGORA's aim is to create a young Roma community with an enriched identity who will be able to use tools for active citizenship and leadership, committed to promote the Roma interests.

AGORA's initiative is to set-up a Roma Think Tank to provide to Institutions and organizations the support they need in order to better research and to implement strategies on Roma inclusion/participation trough improving the efficiency and interactions with policy-makers, civil society and media. 

The objectives of this project are:

• Strengthening Roma identity and pride among young Roma
• Learning about Roma origin/history, language, culture and sharing experience about each other’s communities and family background
• Promoting Roma youth participation in policy, advocacy and lobbying engagement.
• Introducing the participants into the basic principles of active citizenship, leadership and community organizing.
• Raising up local and national issues though Barvalipe

Main Projects / Activities: 

The strategic thematic areas have been developed as follows:

1. Civic participation
To provide the basic knowledge of what participation means, what the tools are and how Roma youth can start to be part in the decision-making process from local to international levels.

2. Youth leadership
Will enable young Roma to envision and execute strategic leadership processes and to apply effective management techniques that position youth-focused organizations and individuals to perform well and engage youth leaders effectively.

3. Community organizing
Will be able young Roma to act as multipliers in their communities to still engaging more youngsters for still building a real and sustainable Roma youth movement.

4. Gender mainstreaming
This strategy aims to prove that, while mainstreaming gender as a cross-cutting issue in all the activities and projects is necessary, also specific knowledge and training on gender issues, should be also a priority for succeeding in effective Roma youth participation.

The four thematic areas are clearly connected  in order to build a strong Roma youth movement by training youngsters in different areas.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Juan Ramon Flores
Job Title: 
Head of the organisation: 
Juan Ramon Flores

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