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Centro Culturale San Martino - Regione Puglia

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Vincenzo Scategni
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General Information: 

At this moment the association has 5 members and many volunteers and partners.

Budgetary resources available, Sources of funding: public funds, membership fees, municipal contributions.

Modalities of action: projects,  seminars and concert concerning PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA. Migrants, Refugees, and asylum seekers

Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities: Apulia Region, Municipality of Taviano, Istituto Compensivo Statale di Racale, GAL Capo di Leuca, Comunità Emmanuel, Progetto Agapolis in Gallipoli, Caritas, Azione Cattolica

Mission and Objectives: 

The association "Cultural Center Saint Martin –  Apulia Region" promotes the humanities and integral human development through education and training activities. In particular, the Association promotes

1) European cultural route of Saint. Martin of Tours, recognized by Council of Europe, and his cultural tradition (music, religion, art);

2) humanities:  philosophy, considered  as pedagogy of the human spirit and expression of charity and peace; the history  and the shared European memory, the history of the Salento and Puglia in order to contribute for a new awareness of European cultural identity; literature and art (painting, sculpture, music, photography, etc.), as an expression of creativity, and as evidence of a common tradition to preserve; Bioethics and Medical Humanities as expression of solidarity, love and unconditional respect for human life; human and social sciences to spread the culture of inclusion;

3) the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible);

4) European and global citizenship, the democratic participation of citizens, education for peace, education for sustainable human development, mutual acceptance of differences, intercultural and interreligious dialogue;

5) cooperation between cultural institutions, Italian and foreign organizations to share strategies, best practices andcultural projects;

6) communion between the intelligence and the sharing of knowledge

Main Projects / Activities: 

Seminars projects,  seminars concerning CULTURE OF SOLIDARITY 

PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA. Migrants, Refugees, and asylum seekers

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

I could promote new partnerships throughout a permanent FORUM for peace and human rights in the Mediterranean sea.

We are a member of  RIDE-APS/ALF Italian network


Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We would contribute to build peace and promote human rights in the Euro-Mediterranean area throughout international cooperation and cultural diplomacy.

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PhD in philosophy and teacher
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Centro Culturale San Martino - Regione Puglia