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Dafa Puppet Theater s.r.o.

National Network: 
Czech Republic
​Simackova 908/17
17000 Prague 7
République tchèque
Organisation Type: 
Private Company
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Dafa Puppet Theater s.r.o. is registered in 2015 in Czech Republic as a limited company. Dafa has 1 employee and 2 part time workers. The staff is always hired for particular projects. The budget and financing sources are covered mostly from grants, participating in festivals, training and artistic services.

Our projects: cultural and social projects: theatre productions, co-productions, workshops, art residencies and networking.  Our partners: Qattan Foundation (Palestine), Academy of Performing Arts (CR), Babu Association (RO), UNIMA Kanguru (France), CDC Zarqa camp (JO), OWA Baqaá camp (JO), School of Speech and Dramatic Arts (Bahrain), Grenland Friteater (Norway), Wels Puppet Festival (Austria), Arabic Oasis (Germany), Flying Freedom Festival (CR), Indifinte Articles (UK), Bruno Leone Academy (Italy),  Radio b138 (Austria)

Mission and Objectives: 

To reach, inspire communities, provide safe platforms for self-expression and communication, use puppet theatre to implement solutions to the effects of war and poverty.

Theatre as a public practice, an invitation to dream, hope and act for the betterment of the communities. As a program, Dafa derives its philosophy from theatre as a public practice and a tool for self-expression and communication to reach the communities. Dafa invites members of the community, after giving them the techniques and tools to address authentically issues and concerns facing their community. Theatre then becomes not about entertainment only, but a way of self-expression and the glue that binds the community together.


To spread puppet art and promote theatre in education and awareness through:
1- Initiating artistic projects in multidisciplinary fields.
2- Developing interactive methods to reach the communities.
3- Networking with local and international organizations.

To bridge the gap between theatre and public in Jordan:
1- Realizing high quality artistic productions and emphasizing on touring theatre.
2- Supporting the cultural and professional development of amateur artists.
3- Networking between local and international artists from different cultures.
4- Establishing theatre festival.

To challenge stereotypes, communicate to public worldwide:
1- Creating visual productions without language barrier.
2- Supporting international artistic collaborations.
3- Initiating projects and methods to reach the communities.

Main Projects / Activities: 

1- Artistic/Performing Arts:

- Create puppet and theatre productions for children and adults.
- Co-produce theatre performances for children and adults.
- Collaborate with artists and professionals from a multidisciplinary fields to explore new possibilities in the 
  art and craft of object/puppet theatre.
- Explore new methods in the field and support the professional development of artists and amateur
  puppeteers connected to puppetry.

2- Art for Social change:

- Design and deliver specialized workshops and art residencies.
- Establish puppet theatre groups of children, youth and adults.
- Provide skills and specialized programs for social activists and educators and assist the educational
- Produce publications and material on the subject of puppetry in the Arab world and Europe.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Mr. Husam Abed
Job Title: 
Art Director
Head of the organisation: 
Mr. Husam Abed
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Marek Turosik
Job Title: