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Dar El-Nimer for Arts & Culture

National Network: 
America Street, P.O.Box 113-6412
Villa Salem
Beirut 113-6412
Telephone (other): 
00961 1 367013
E-Mail (2): 
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 


Structure of the organization, including the number of staff employed and/or partners
Mr. Rami El Nimer: Founder
Ms. Lama Koubrously: Projects & Collections
Ms. Maha Kobeissy: Outreach & Programs
Mr. Omar Thawabeh: Communication & Content
Ms. Farah Fayad: Graphic Design
Ms. Lea Vicente: Assistant for the Collections
Mr. Rimah Salah: AV Technician
Ms. Mariane Kahale: Admistrative Assistant
Ms. Leila Rizkallah & Ms. Marlene Rizkallah: Reception

Budgetary resources available in a year
Approximately USD 500,000

Sources of funding
The founder

Modalities of action (concrete projects, exchanges, seminars, scholarships etc.)
Production of exhibitions
Public programs including seminars, workshops, screenings etc

Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities
Institute for Palestine Studies, American University of Beirut and Taawon
Other institutions are labelled under the collaboration category as Dar El-Nimer engages with them based on certain projects and programs.



Mission and Objectives: 


Located in the heart of Beirut, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture was founded in 2016 as an independent non-profit art foundation for historical, modern and contemporary cultural productions from Palestine and beyond. Dar El-Nimer promotes deep cultural, historical and intellectual awareness by hosting productions by artists, curators, writers, historians, performers and filmmakers, whose works engage with the challenging social realities and political currents shaping the region. Dar El-Nimer is also responsible for showcasing the El-Nimer Collection, the private art collection of the founder, Rami El-Nimer.

Preserve: Celebrating the region’s rich and complex cultural heritage to trace its continuity, creativity and perseverance. Dar El-Nimer challenges stereotypes through arts and culture, opening up the possibilities for deeper understanding.

Experience: Broadening the palette of cultural and artistic experiences. Dar El-Nimer offers a vibrant space for interaction. Alongside its annual exhibitions, its space is open for lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, musical and theatrical performances and workshops.

Outreach: Inviting schools, universities, institutions, communities and individuals to develop an understanding of arts and culture through activities and dialogue. Dar El-Nimer engages in multidisciplinary collaborations and innovative ways of bridging society with artistic and cultural production.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Three kinds of exhibitions take place at Dar El-Nimer: exhibitions curated from the El-Nimer Collection, commissioned exhibitions in support of artists in different fields of art and hosted exhibitions from the region and abroad. All exhibitions are accompanied by guided tours and a tailored public program rotating around the exhibited themes.

Dar El-Nimer offers a wide range of spaces for cultural performances to include auctions, storytelling, film screenings, panel discussions, workshops for all ages, book signings etc.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Dar El-Nimer can contribute to designing, producing or hosting activities that meet the foundation objectives with other ALF members

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Networking and developing projects with other members of the ALF network.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Maha Kobeissy
Job Title: 
Outreach & Programs Manager
Head of the organisation: 
Rami El-Nimer
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Lama Koubrously
Job Title: 
Projects & Collection Manager

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