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Irènia - Jocs de Pau

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+34 938259042
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+34 666571835
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General Information: 

Irenia is the name of a collective made up of working professionals and teachers, from several Mediterranean (Spain, Siria, Greece, Israel) and European countries (UK,Ukraine) and African (Congo), from a wide range of educational backgrounds and experiences; all are conscious of the need to work towards a culture of peace through educational projects which are designed to develop responsible citizenship.
We actively support and use teaching and learning approaches through emotional engagement as well as academic knowledge; we base our activities on play, which is seen as an educational resource. Our range of games (using simulation, role-play or board games) allow our participants to see reality through a lens which is different from their own and step into the shoes of other people.

Mission and Objectives: 

Through its programmes and activities, Irenia brings people closer to a culture of peace, to a knowledge of different cultures, of inequalities and conflicts within the contemporary world, and, specifically, within the Mediterranean region.
Irenia offers a wide range of workshops and activities designed for different age groups within schools and other education centres, including Inset teaching for teachers and trainers. The same courses and workshops are available for local government (within town councils, local authorities, etc) through the design and realisation of courses and programmes covering peace education, intercultural and development projects.

Main Projects / Activities: 

* Irenia-Peace games: a set of 4 board games to introduce Mediterranean cultures
* Living together in the Mediterranean Region: A programme of workshops using different teaching methodologies aimed at 8-11 years old children to get to know the region
* Mediterranean alphabets: A set of 4 workshops to introduce the 4 non-Latin alphabets used in the Mediterranean region (Greek, Cirillic, Hebrew, Arabic)
* Exploring Child rights: using puppets and forum theater with 8-9 years old children to get to know their rights
* "A" as Africa: A programme of workshops using different teaching methodologies aimed at 8-11 years old children to get to know the region of Western Africa

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