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Min Ort (My Hood)

National Network: 
Arvid Lindmans gatan 28 A
417 26 Gothenburg
‭076-244 04 46‬
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

"Min Ort" was founded in late December 2016 by project manager and producer Said William Legue. He has starred in; ("Bron", "Ettor & Nollor", "Kniven I hjärtat") Said grew up in one of the less fortunate suburbs of Gothenburg and know firsthand what it meant to him to be given a chance. His breakthrough as a young actor was "Kniven i hjärtat" aired on the prestigious channel Swedish Television.

When Said worked on the world premiere of "The young Zlatan" the idea of bringing and doing something to integrate the youth of the suburbs was born. In collaboration with Gothenburg’s film festival, Bergsjöskolan, Zentropa Sweden, Gothenburg Film Studios and Familjebostäder it all came to life.

Said contacted director and screenplay writer Johan Melin known from; ("Preludium", "Child 44", "Utvandrarna" and "Profetia") and he shared Said´s vision of letting the younger generation tell their story thru the eyes of a camera. Together with a handpicked team of both professional film makers and volunteers and after school programs managers they casted 40 youths from all over the city ranging ages 13-20 and together they created "Min Ort- A Love story".

Though out the process it grew beyond just making of a film, it also lead to a big soccer tournament and performances with Swedish rapper Erik Lundin at a Radio Event against violence.

A documentary of behind the scene of "Min Ort" created by the group became a big success and was shown at Gothenburg Film Festival and later in theater’s.

The process is innovative - when through deep interviews we take the starting point of the youth stories, and develop characters and manuscripts in collaboration with the young. We want to integrate youth and improve their self-esteem. The aim is to try and strengthen the young people's own stories, and give them inspiration and drive to tell stories themselves. We believe in a participant culture, where the participants are co-workers. We have already been able to see the positive effects of the film, how the project bounces hope and courage to follow their dream. Many of the young have themselves started making movies and pursuing with their own acting career and film interests.

Mission and Objectives: 

We are working to break the barriers. We work with integration. Two of our most important goals now. Is to lift up the woman’s, and integrate new arrivals.

We also have profesional dance teacher, profesional musican, profesional director, profesional actor, and recreation leaders from different areas in Gothenburg.

So the youths can work with the things they like. Learn how to write script. Learn how to make a movie, and study and being with the director under the moviemaking. Dance, music and other creative and culture things.

We want to build bridges, by using culture and creative things as tools.

We are working against the thing that have exploited in Sweden - We against them. And that youths don’t travel to others areas. They just stay at their own “territory’s”. So we want them to come out. And let them be creative, as they can’t in their “home base”. Also that they will se that it’s so much culture to see and learn of, all over the town, and the world!

We are all the same, is the most important thing!

Main Projects / Activities: 

We use film as an tool. Our concept is by using the film making. We can build bridges between youngsters all over the city and the different suburbs. It doesn’t matter of class, gender, ethnicity or religion. We are all the same! We are all human people. We invite youngsters from every suburb and different areas in Gothenburg, on a casting. They are cast by our director Johan Melin, who is a professional. And after that process, we start shooting the movie. This process builds bridges for the youths. Remember they are from different areas. And is this processing. They learn to work with each other. It doesn’t matter wich area you’re from, or ethnicity, class, gender etc. They work together.

"Min Ort" is all about unite the young from different suburbs, and the success made it possible for the next movie. The actors and talents from East Gothenburg followed and met with the young from Hisingen in the feature film "Min Ort - This is Sweden". This snowball effect continues from movie to movie. The film was premiered at the "Hising´s Festival" and was a feature film, where once again youths from all walks of life gathered under great creativity, joy and love. "Min Ort" also performed a full-featured performance on the big stage at Gothenburg amusement park Liseberg with the artist Lani Mo, under the theme Stop the violence. Now, the "My Ort" project continues with two new films in 2018. A TV series is under development and the constant focus on uniting the resorts and releasing the creativity of the young.

Our first film documentary - Min Ort (My Hood) (2017)


Contact (1) Full Name: 
Michell Alfredsson
Job Title: 
Production Manager / First assistant director
Head of the organisation: 
Said William Legue
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Anna Holmros
Job Title: 
Marketing Manager

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