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Università degli Studio di Catania (University of Catania)

National Network: 
piazza Università n. 2
95131 Catania CT
+039 095 4788011
+39 095 4788005
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The University of Catania is active in scientific research and higher education. It has about 45,000 students enrolled and it is organized in 17 Department. It is  the oldest University in Sicily ND its foundation dates back to 1434. The organization of the teaching is handled today by 17 departments and a special didactic unit, the school of excellence "Scuola Superiore di Catania", a higher education centre. 


Mission and Objectives: 

University of Catania aims to deliver both researches and teaching activities. It offers 98 Bachelor and Master Degrees, 5 Master with double degrees programs and 11 PhD Programs. The University of Catania is, also,  the recipient of research funding at international and national level and it has a long-term involvement in different research programs, both as a coordinator and/or a partner. It also encourages scientific research activities carried out in all departments, by providing research grants for young fellows and reserving a certain amount of its resources to fund research projects.


Main Projects / Activities: 

The University is part of international networks (such as EMUNI, UNIMED, Santander) and promotes and manages EU and international mobility and research programmes by means of the International Affairs branch of the University Research Office. Catania University counts about 200 scientific partnerships with Italian and European institutions and is involved in several EU funded projects (e.g. , as Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Intensive programmes, 7th framework programme, Leonardo da Vinci) both as coordinator and partner.

Openness to civil society is implemented through Training and Orientation Centre and CAPITT, dealing with lifelong learning.UNICT has hosted and hosts international activities with particular regard to those activities related to the relationship with the Mediterranean non EU states. 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The University of Catania is the oldest University in Sicily, in the hearth of the Mediterranean region. The University through its  European Documentation Centre (CDE) promotes and develops communication, information, teaching and research in the field of European integration and policies. The University promotes the students mobility within the framework of International exchange programmes and gives foreign students and professors/scholars the possibility to spend up to one year mobility for study, training, teaching and research activities. Futhermore, the School of Italian Language and Culture is a Special Teaching Structure of the University of Catania founded in 2016, on a proposal of the Department of Humanities, to promote the historical and advanced knowledge of Italian Language and Culture for foreign students and workers.


Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

The University of Catania is keen to increase its involvement  in the intercultural exchange opportunity between the 42 ALF networks. We believe it would be an important opportunity to share different experiences and know-how as well as the best practices to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue.  Our belief is to strengthen the cooperation ties with the National and International networks and the Mediterranean civil societies in order to empower young students by providing platforms and partnering with young people to build together more open, inclusive and resilient communities.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
prof. Rosario Sinatra;; cell +39 3204332267; office +390957382401
Job Title: 
Rector's delegate for the Mediterranean Area
Head of the organisation: 
prof. Francesco Basile - rector

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