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Mediterranean on the Spot

"Mediterranean on the Spot" is the common action of the German Anna-Lindh Network in 2011. It is a decentralised  programme of events such as lectures, panel discussions and cultural events with guests from Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Palestine, Tunisia and other countries. Whereas some events deal with the current changes in the Arab World, others take a look on the every-day life. The diversity of events reflect the diversity of the German network which assembles today more than 150 organizations working in the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

The opening event of the programme takes place in Stuttgart on the 4th of April 2011, 7pm at the Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations: Prof. Fawzi Boubia (University of Rabat) and Prof. Bernd Thum (University of Karlsruhe) will discuss the interrelations between culture, science and politics within the Mediterranean area.

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