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Meeting of the ALF MNE Network & Capacity Building Presentation organized in Podgorica, Montenegro

The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (Head of the MNE Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation) organized on May 26th 2017. the National Network Meeting and Capacity Building Presentation in the capital city Podgorica, in PI Center for Contemporary Arts of Montenegro.

Boris Abramovic, Head of the Network, presented the program's current activities. He explicated the Foundation's opens calls and the procedures of applying, as well as the development of the Foundation and its Montenegrin network as significant resources for intercultural dialogue, international networking and strenghtening of various actors devoted to the cross-cultural action and promotion of dialogue. He spoke about results and outcomes of the ALF programme titled Network Intercultural Actions and its project carried out in Montenegro titled "What connects us - intercultural workshops for young people".

Natasa Nelevic, director of ALF member orgainzation NGO NOVA spoke of the key challenges facing Montenegrin society, primarily with the civil society organizations and activities that promote interculturality as part of their agenda. She emphasized that despite the fact that there is a consensus about interculturality in Montenegro as a cultural-political value, the development and enhancement of intercultural practices at all levels requires an additional engagement in the sense of sensitization for the true meaning of this notion and in the plan of mastering the new skills of intercultural learning that can lead to the creation of new values and cultural content that will enable new forms of dialogue and community interconnections.

Dr. Vuk Vukovic, a producer, talked about key concepts of contemporary cultural policies as well as trends in the development of multiculturalism, interculturalism and transculturalism. Through examples of good practices and examples and local context experiences, the focus of his presentation was on the necessity of communication and dialogue, not only among cultures, but also the communication of key values that promote projects and activities of the civil sector and the media.

As part of a program designed for capacity building of the Montenegrin Network, Milena Raznatovic, Head of the Montenegrin Desk for Creative Europe within the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, presented about the key aspects and the propositions of the Creative Europe program. Special attention of her presentation was devoted to competitions/open calls under the sub-programme Culture, the main criteria for the participation of Montenegrin users and the deadlines for application, as well as examples of the best practices. Presentation was attended by Montenegrin ALF Network Members as well as non-members from the civil sector and public institutions.

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